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Gujarat Govt named this year’s gunotsav as GUNOTSAV 8. So here is all the information available regarding result and school certificate of teacher grade certificate. teacher grade : Result Declared 2018

Gunotsav 8 2018 result was declared 2 days ago. So the people who are interested in checking result as they have participated in this can check online on website. It is the official website of gujarat government for the purpose of gunotsav result.

@ :for a portion of the Government of Gujarat’s initiative to guarantee quality education of students in Government schools and also to increase awareness for quality in the education community, the government carries out ‘Gunotsav’ a quality improvement programme in which students are evaluated annually since 2009. S, EI was involved in supporting the existing Gunotsav programme for 33,900 primary schools in Gujarat. The plan has been expanded to cover all schools. For the job, EI develops questions and analyse the information for Gunotsav evaluation by teachers (school self evaluation) and from officers (officer carried out evaluation). In addition, detailed diagnostic evaluation of learning amounts are carried out on a sample basis by trained evaluators All districts for courses 3, 5, 8 and 9, in order scientifically validated learning achievement information. Schools undergoing remedial program are monitored by EI trainers on a sample basis to look at their efficacy. A series of capacity building workshops for state and district employees to create latest skills in building and using student evaluations, article analysis and dissemination workshops for teachers to comprehend the insights in the information and incorporate the information in classroom practices are a part of the undertaking. Gunotsav 8 Result Teacher Grade Certificate

To download teacher grade certificate the teachers should visit the subdomain of the website which is If you find any problem then ask without any hesitation. Here idanku education team is all set to answer your question about result of gunotsav 8. For School Certificate or Grade Report

For School Grade Report or School Certificate you need to visit In that link you will see the box of District And Taluka. So you need to enter school name, District name & Taluka name to find the school grade certificate.


gunotsav teacher certificate

So all the instruction about gunotsav result and gunotsav 8 certificates for teacher and school is described above. There are many difficulties you will find while searching information on official website because you need to enter the exact match name of school or candidates. But You can refer your application form details for that.


Assessment Booklets

A guideline booklet was provided to each school

Subjects Covered

Reading, writing and numeric skills for Standard 2 to 5 and Separate question papers for standard 6 to 8

Subjects Covered for Standard 6 to 8

Gujarati, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science and Technology and Social Science

Question Paper Design

Total 100 question items in each paper, OMR based question papers wherein students are required to right mark the correct option among four options.

So here is the everything people should know about this years gunotsav. hope you enjoyed the post and got information which you are looking for.

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