Woman Sells Her Child For Rs 5000 In Khammam, Telangana

Telangana: Thirty-year-old poverty hit mother sells her newborn baby girl for mere five thousand rupees in khammam district of Telangana. The newborn was the sixth child of the women unable to bear the expenses she took the decision to sell the child to a middle-aged women. The security guards of the hospital grew suspicious and informed the police about it. The baby was traced by the police and then shifted to a hospital.

We do know that the security security guards of the hospital grew suspicious and that’s when they inform the police about it. the case Was cracked very soon and the baby is handed back to the mother in fact the police actually got in touch with the lady from Bhadrachalam who actually bought the child.

Lady Bought the child only because she did not have a grandchild and it was the wish to become a grandparent. Which actually led her to pay five thousand rupees to child mother. the mother had asked for twenty thousand rupees but the final deal was made for five thousand rupees and the baby was taken by the lady from Bhadrachalam. When the police called her back that she happily came back in return the child to the mother.

As of now we are hearing from the police that the child has been shifted to the integrated child development services location. Where they are the officials of the icds are taking care of the baby and properly they will be the ones who will be keeping the baby. Considering the fact that the mother already has five children and I tended to sell the baby away to another lady.

Police say that the ICDs officials will be keeping the baby properly in a home or in a shelter home or an orphanage and depending on where the officials decide to keep the baby.

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