{Warcraft 3} Rise of the Blood Elves Puzzle – Riddles Answers All IN One

If you are the warcraft 3 lover and searching for answers of the question which was asked in the 7th Chapter of Custom Campaign “Rise Of The Blood Elves 3.0“. Name of the third Chapter is The Traitor’s Destruction. In this Chapter You will be asked for some tricky puzzle or riddle type question to collect “Mana Crystal Fragment”.

Rise Of The Blood Elves Chapter 7 Question Puzzle & Riddle Answers For Mana Crystal Fragment

In the starting of this chapter 3 ghost banshee asking a First Puzzle To Know that you are true blood elves or not. If you give her right answer then they will destroy and and converted into the mana fragment crystal which is necessary to open The first “ELVEN Gate”.

Rise Of The Blood Elves Chapter 7 Question Puzzle & Riddle Answers For Mana Crystal Fragment

Actually Kael’thas Sunstrider or in-short Kael and his alliance need total 6 mana crystal fragment to open that elven gate because that elven gate was made from the power of sunwell and bound with that mana crystals. So You need to find it 6. Now when you will going to collect that mana crystal you will be asked for one puzzle and only correct answer can get you that crystal. So here i am going to give you answer of all the Riddles or questions for Rise of the blood elves Chepter 7.

First Puzzle And Its Answer

warcraft blood elves first puzzle

It Can not be seen, Can not be felt,

Can not be heard, Can not be smelt,

It lies Behind Stars And Under the Hills,

And Empty Holes It fills.

It Comes First And Follows After,

Ends Life, Kills Laugher.

Answer : Darkness


Second 2nd Riddle And Its Answer

second question answer puzzleSecond Question is little hard to understand but we have the right answer for you here.

Walks In The Wind,

Runs In The Rain,

Makes Dry Oceans in the sun,

Swallows Kingdoms, gnaws rocks.

Answer: Sand


Third 3rd Question And Answer

mana crystal fragment puzzle answer

What is it that a poor man has,

A rich Man Needs, a content heart wants,

And an empty heart bleeds,

A miser spends, A fool saves,

And all mortals take with them to their graves.

Answer : Nothing


Fourth 4th Question puzzle answer Warcraft 3

Rise Of Blood elves question answer

Alive Without breath,

As cold as death;

Never thirsty, Ever Drinking,

All in mail never clinking.

Answer : A Fish


Fifth Question Riddle Answer OF Rise of the blood elves

The traitors destruction question puzzle answer

No Legs have i to dance,

No lungs have i to breathe,

No life have i to live or die,

And yet i do all three.

Answer : Fire


Sixth 6th Question of Warcraft 3 rise of blood elf custom campaign chapter 7

Sixth 6th Question of Warcraft 3 rise of blood elf custom campaign chapter 7

What can run but never walks,

Has a mouth but never talks,

Has a bed but never sleeps,

Has a had but never weeps.

Answer : A River


So here is all 6 answer of the question which you need to know to cross that tricky gate. It is the big challenge to complete that chapter without the help of internet. If you found this interesting then you can read more useful stories and stuff here on our idanku.com blog.

It will be very interesting and adventures custom campaign for you. After opening this elven gate you will be driven to kill the Dar’khan. Keep in mind that do not use Engulfing chain spell of Alessandra on Darkhan. I am big fan of warcraf3 game and completed the all the campaigns. Dwarf, Rise of the blood elves and Curse of the Forsaken: Hallowed Edition. 

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