Thamizh Padam 2 Movie Review & Cast-Crew

Today we are going to present review of  Thamiz Padam 2 Tamil Movie. Tamil actor shiva is coming in Tamil cinema with his new movie Thamiz Padam 2. Actor Shiva is coming up with a new movie. Shiva is known as Mirchi Shiv Ajila Ulaaga Superstar. Shiva has received complete form of ‘Namira’ name card like Rajinikanth from CS amudhan. Posters and promos were viral before the release of the film and made great expectations in tamil. There was no pornographic scene in the film’s poster. Thamiz Padam 2 directed by C.S. Amudhan.

This movie has no special story. The film features superstars falsely related to Tamil cinema lessons and style of acting. In this movie, the eternal Loose Poetry heroines and in the same way they have fallen in love, and Goosebumps-loving scenes have been created by directors on the name of innocence. Each Tamil hit superstar has been subjected to an unhealthily tortured film by Amudh, which is unavoidably supported by Shiva, this film has been shown with its fierce comic timing and the seduction of traditional, commercial film stereotypes and the ability of halo.

tamizh padam 2 movie review

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Thamizh Padam 2 Movie Review

This Tamil movie is broadcast with many cruel scenes. This film has been completed with a unique effort. Other artists such as Yashariya, Mansobola, Chetan have also worked in this film. The movie “Thamiz Padam 2” breaks all the old traditions in Tamil cinema, and brutally takes pot shots on superstars like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan, Ajit, Vijay, Surya, Vikram and Shivkatekayan and on his memorable hits. Shiva performs scenes of satirical scenes with avid ease and like a satish, bad guy Pini, has done a good job and appears in a dozen get-ups. It is a perfect foil for Shiva. Ishwari Mann has also given understanding as a ‘broken Ponu’ heroine. The film uses all the remarkable films and scenes from some politicians from the state and the centre.

There are clearly deficiencies in the length of the film and the two songs within it, which sometimes spoil the flow. The fascinating flashback part of the film has a little bit later. However, due to the very impressive performance of Shiva, this film fulfills the expectations of the people. Many people had hoped that some “collective” scenes from different movies can be shown in a funny way by the audience and background music helps to add value to the humorous-volitional script, while cinematography is appropriate. We present Thamiz Padam 2 Movie Review, also you can check rating of it

Thamiz Padam 2 Movie Cast & Crew

If you summarise the film, it is said that this is shown in the film how all possible ways of catching scared Dawn, who are standing in the big danger of a severe crime society. Here in the Below we show that where artists have played their role in the film Thamiz Padam 2.

Hundreds of Tamil films are seen, in this way the film also has a man’s army and it is also romantic, a good dancer, and is feeling emotional for his family. The film begins with a village war between two villages and police. Within the film it is shown that semi-military organizations have been called to suppress the riots. Then the hero Shiva arrives. On an idli and long monologue, Shiva places villages to sleep and plays this issue softly.

Director : C. S Amudhan

Producer : S. Sashikanth

Actor : Shiva

Actress : Iswarrya Menon

Actress : Disha Pandey

Other Cast : Manobala, Santhana Bharathi, Nizhalgal Ravi

We hope you like our this article. You can check rating of Thamiz Padam 2, that’s superhit tamil movie. We wish it will be hit on tamil cinema. This movie released, so every people can go for watch this movie.

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