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We have a good news for the fans of Sai Dharam Tej, He has to enter with a terrific movie. Sai’s new film release on today 6th July 2018. Sai plays the lead role in this film. A huge band around it, waiting for the characters of the film. Seeing the view of this film, the expectations of the film are higher. But will this film be true to audience expectations ??? If you decide to watch Tej I Love You, first you have to watch a movie review, For a movie review, you came to the right place. Here we are going to predict and inform you about the Tej I Love You Movie review.

This article about an Tej I Love You Movie Review, Casting and Full details of it.  We hope we can get you the reviews, cast and many other information you want from here.

tej i love you movie review, cast, public talk

Tej I Love You‘ is a landmark film for macho star Sai. Sai has been telling confidently about his movie Tej I Love You that would become sure shot hit. Sai’s self-confidence and trailers have produced good buzz among the people. This movie is about an Romance & Love. It’s a nice movie to watch with a family. This movie stands as Family Entertainment. Tej I Love You movie has some outstanding comedy scenes, people will like that scenes.

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Tej I Love You Movie Review 

The audience has been programmed to watch this films and judge them purely on the entertainment it offers, and not expect logic or even basic common sense. One sided love story is common nowadays. In this movie Tej feels something for Nandini who makes life miserable for Tej.  Firstly Nandini convinces Tej that she’s blind, and when he realises that it’s all a ruse, she turns from her talk and convinces him that she’s the daughter of the police commissioner.

This is a family drama in which Dharm Sai has done a great job, as is often the case in Telugu films, she is a member of a family. People say that the writing is lazy. It seems that one of these zero attempts has been made to keep viewers interested or offer something new. Tej I Love You Movie Review is till good. From Audience we get reports about an Tej I Love You Movie Review people said that Its a complete feel good love story in style of karunakaran. Background music and emotions are simply good. Movie climax is main plus point for this film. In short overall its a good movie from tejugu,  all the best to future films from all power star fans.

Public Talk about an Tej I Love You Movie

From Public we get news like Tej I Love You Movie is totally flop movie. This Movie has Poor story and direction is totally worst. Love and Emotions displayed in this story are enough, and seeing no true feelings. Apart from a song in this story, the rest is dry. The comedy shown in this story was a bad one, which was not working. People say that Sai Dharam, who has been raised in collective role, has tried a class first flutter. It’s okay but the roll does not look comfortable in the lover. If she wants to stay in Telly wood longer and wants to raise her fans, she really needs to look at her body. It looks bloated at the time.

tej i love you movie review, cast and crew, public talk

People gives bad reviews about an Tej I Love You Movie. People tells like ‘ Tej I Love You ‘movie is wasting of time, Its  disappoints big time with it’s meaningless story which even got worse by boring direction. Some People Said like that There ain’t any five minutes’ moment that we could mention in positive light, Director Karunakar who has brand value for youthful films failed to generate any love or feel good emotions this time. Someone tells “Sai Dharam who is working hard to mark his comeback has to wait for another turn”.

Tej I Love You Movie Cast & Crew

Tej I Love You movie is about and Romance and love between Tej and Nandini. This story begins with a village near Ananwar and goes to Vizag and then to Hyderabad. Where it is related to a music band with their friends. In this film, Sai has been shown in such a way that the band is astonishing. An interest in the film has happened in the event that the brightness goes to nandinigami in the first place. In the film’s Initial Initial scenes, the director tries to establish an emotional atmosphere.

K.S. Ram Rao Who Produces The Film And A Karunakaran, he expects the film to be high. They love that the movie hits the hit and earns better. Here in the below screen we give you a list of Cast who casting in Tej I Love You movie.

  • Sai Dharam Tej
  • Anupama Parameswaran
  • Jayaprakash
  • Pavitra Lokesh
  • Surekha Vani
  • Prudhvi Raj
  • Viva Harsha
  • Karthik Adusumalli

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