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Hi Friends !!! Today We will tell about the Surya Grahan in the year 2018. July 13, the Surya Grahan is occurring on the new moon day. This Surya Grahan 2018 will not show up in India. It will be seen at 1:30 in the afternoon of Greenwich City, England, and at 9.30 in the morning on the east coast of America. According to NASA, the partial Surya Grahan will now be held on Friday in 2080. According to the astrologers, it is very important to follow certain rules related to Grahan. Some astrologers believe that the sunlight takes place 12 hours before sun exposure, and during this time some activities are forbidden. On the 13th day of the Surya Grahan 2018 on July 13, the new moon is 8:17 in the morning.

According to the assumptions, no auspicious work is done in the span of time. At the same time some astrologers are also saying that this eclipse will not get much effect in India, because eclipse is not being here. On 13th July the rituals of Shraddha are performed for the fulfilment of the souls of the ancestors on the Ashadh Amavasya. Apart from this, Somavati Amavasya, which falls on Monday and Saturn Amavasya which falls on Saturdays, also has special significance.

surya grahan 2018

Date & Time of Surya Grahan 2018

Ashadh Krishna Paksha Amavasya on 13th July Beginning 7 am to 18 minutes and 23 seconds and salvation will be 9 pm to 43 minutes and 44 seconds. According to astrologers, before getting the solar eclipse, the leaves of Tulsi should be kept in milk-yogurt. When the Surya Grahan occurs, it is called periodic period, according to astrologers, the spinach will not be affected. But worship and idol worship is not done in this period. It is also said that gold should not be eaten at the time of grahan and food.

  • Date & Time of Surya Grahan: Eclipse will start from 7am to 18 min 23 secs on the morning of July 13, which will remain 8 to 13 minutes and 5 seconds.

Keep these things in mind during the Surya Grahan 2018

Here we have latest news regarding Surya Grahan 2018. According to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that if a pregnant woman sees the solar eclipse, its bad effect falls on the child born to her. According to the belief, the effect of any eclipse remains for all 108 days. The effect of which can be on a child having a pregnant woman.

This time the second Surya Grahan of the year is going to take place on 13th July. On July 13, the grahan will start from 7 am to 23 seconds on the Indian time, which will remain 8 o’clock at 13 minutes and 5 seconds. The grahan medium will be on the 8th to 13 minutes 05 seconds and the salvation will be 9 to 43 minutes at 44 seconds. In this, let’s know how a pregnant woman can save her child from the effects of surya grahan.

  • It is believed that if a pregnant woman sees the grahan then its direct impact falls on the physical and mental health of the child she receives. Because of which the baby is born with dirty red marks.
  • During grahan, if a woman uses a sharp object to cut fruit or vegetable, it is believed that doing so may cause harm to her baby’s organs.
  • If a woman uses a scissor during the grahan, then it is believed that by doing so, the lip of her baby is cut.
  • Using a needle during grahan can cause a hole in her child’s heart. Besides, if a pregnant woman drinks water, her baby’s skin may be rigid.
  • It is believed that after the grahan ends, a pregnant woman should take bath or else her infant may have skin related diseases. To avoid the negative effects of pregnancy, the pregnant woman should read Hanuman Chalisa and Durga praise by placing Tulsi leaf on the tongue.

We present updates regarding Surya grahan 2018 at above. I hope you like that. You can get all important information or news regarding Surya Grahan 2018.

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