spain bullfighting festival 2017 is going on in spain

Spain Bullfighting video 2017 : san fermin, city of the pamplona state where spain bullfighing has been hosted. although it is one the cruelest competition, there are million of peoples participating in it.  as we all know spain bullfighting competition started yesterday on 7th july 2017, Three men is already injured by the competition on the first day.

the Red Cross said on Friday, with one other reported injury during the 875-metre run through the northern Spanish city. One of the men was caught by a bull’s horns in the thorax and one in the scrotum, the Red Cross said. All three were taken to hospital for treatment.

Two of those gored were from the United States, aged 29 and 35, while the other was a 46-year-old from Navarra in Spain. A man from Ireland, 39, was also hurt.

spain bull run video 2017

Spain Bull fight Video : The world famous festival, which is also known as San Fermin, drew in a record 1.5 million visitors last year, keen to participate or be spectator to the main event – the bloody and controversial bull run. although this year’s fiesta in the northern Spanish region of Navarre has been marred with protests and violence – with animal rights activists arguing that the event is cruel and unnecessary. but still you can clearly see thousands of people has already participating.

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