Soorma Movie Review : Movie of Daljit Dosanjh & Taapsee Pannu

Hi Friends!! Today we present Soorma movie review in our article. We have a good news for the fans of Daljeet that he is coming to Bollywood with his new movie Soorma. Daljit Dosanjh is playing the role of indian hockey legend “Sandip Singh” in Soorma movie. Daljit said that playing the character of the hockey great Khiladi Sandeep Singh is a big responsibility. Daljit worked hard and made himself the best. Dalajit said that Sandeep taught him how to cook, before shooting and shooting. “Sandeep Singh It was a part of the journey from the beginning to the end. In the film, the director of the film is Shaadi Ali, Shaadi Ali worked hard for the correct appearance of Daljit. I salute my hard work and I give credit to my appearance to look like Sandeep.

Soorma Movie Review

Currently, biopics is raining in Bollywood, with the addition of a new film which is Soorma. The film is based on the inspirational story of the seriously injured hockey player, who made a comeback against all the obstacles and won. Daljeet talked about ups and downs in which the lion went and why he is a legend. He also talks about Hockey, who believed in India’s national sport until it was in an RTI trial. Daljit believes that the athletes are real heroes and their biopics teach a lot to the audience about their lives that they do not know otherwise. Daljit Dosanjh’s movie Soorma has been released on 10th June, 2018 in bollywood cinema. Soorma movie was directed by Shaad Ali. Making a film on the life of athlete’s career is a challenge. Sandeep’s career is coming in the news and his high and low points are recorded in this movie. Here in this article we give you Soorma Movie review.

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Daljit said that once he was on the field, he realised that this is a challenge. He was surprised how he would do this. Sandeep Sir and Daljeet were in the task of shooting together four months before shooting and shooting together. Both were on the set on Diwali too. Sandeep inspired Daljit to work hard. In Soorma film, Sandeep is shown as a regular person supporting his elder brother, who is hockey player (Bedi) with the promise and watch the jersey of India, softly flirts with a beautiful girl and is usually a good son, Soorma is reliable and view-able.

Soorma Movie Cast & Crew

Daljit watched all the matches of hockey legend Sandip Singh. Under the captaincy of Sandeep in 2009, Sultan Azlan Shah went to win the Cup and was also eligible for the 2012 Olympics.

Actor : Daljit Dosanjh

Actress : Taapsee Pannu

Director : Shhad Ali

Tapsse Pannu says that she considers herself a sports enthusiast. When he was told about Sandeep Singh’s accident and his comeback as the captain of the Indian Hockey team, he felt guilty that he did not know about it. And only one way, he thought that he can redeem himself from this movie by making this film. This film will know what is the true sportsman spirit to the world.


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