Shankar Singh Vaghela Quits Congress | Roars against the buggy political party

In the political math, Congress has consistently ignored Political Tycoon Shankarsinh for many years. It was unbearable for Bapu to decide if elections were scheduled in November-December and there was no wrangle in the Congress.

Ultimately, Shankarsinh Vaghela broke the 20-year relationship with Congress today. On the occasion of his 77th birthday, when he announced breaking the alliance with the Congress party.

In the 50 years of political life, starting from EGG, Jansang, BJP, Rajp and Congress, Shankarsinh has traveled to MLA, MP, Union Minister, Chief Minister of the state and opposition leader. During this trip, Shankarsinh’s village-village district has strong contacts.

Shankar SIngh Vaghela Quits Congress

he had ideas about arranging elections in the brain, but congress never considered bapu’s ideas, then Bapu’s brain veins start to burst. Bapu told the Congressmen that the 57 MLAs who came in the midst of BJP’s hurricanes in 2012 should tell their tickets to be fulfilled, so that the BJP has been forced to break them from the Congress, they can not tell it by scolding them. Congress did not answer Bapu’s answer.

If you have sharpness and can not be used, it will appear in front of the eye and if you do not say it, then it will fall into the pits, even if you do not believe it, this situation needs to be suffocated. Your speech does not listen to you, and people without understanding will shake your head, but when it is mixed in the name of its execution, such situations become intolerable for those who are sensible. that is what exactly happened with shankar singh vaghela.

It is my goal to win the Congress. Even though Bapu was facing suspicion. Bapu asked to declare the list of candidates a year ago, as to who should be declared, who should be declared, Bapu said to the Congress high command, “Why I want to defeat BJP, I know I want to defeat me, I will show 100 seats.” The Congress high command did not give any reply on all these propaganda of Bapu, only that the Congress will act in its own way, you will remain in the party’s discipline.


This is the problem of Congress leadership. Nehru-Indira Gandhi’s time has been the center’s policy that there should be no effective leadership in the state. The heirs of the Gandhi family have also kept that policy in force. The result was that with the activation of regional parties, the Congress was slowly eroding from the states. If Rita Bahuguna was ignored in UP, then he joined the party. Senior leader S.K. in Karnataka Krishna joins BJP as a result of Congress’s inconvenience Vijay Bahuguna, Satpalji Maharaj in Uttarakhand, Reddy brothers in Andhra Pradesh, Jayanti Natarajan in Tamil Nadu, Chiman Patel in Gujarat are all the names of regional leaders who have been camping without regard to their power, and the result was that Congress was eroded in all these states. Hykmand’s decisions to put an end to the regional leaders in hiding their G-Aria leaders always lead to suicide.

Recently, in the Punjab assembly elections, the four wing jung fought. Congress had started the campaign by Captain Amarinder Singh, because of pressure from Captain Amarinder Singh, Congress got good results in Punjab but Congress conceded the demand for the Congress to converse in Punjab, the result was forced to release a heavy leader from the Congress party.

With the Congress leaving Shankarsinh Congress, Gujarat Congress has become the widow of Congress in the elections. In Congress, Shankarsinh was the face of the Congress who had identity in Gujarat.

None of the Congress state ministers have political weight as Shankarsinh.

In the current Congress leadership, Siddharth Patel and Arjun Modhwadia have lost the last assembly elections.

Finding Shaktisinh requires a safe seat with minority voters, he wins from Kutch. Tusshar Chaudhary’s yet Identity is not made out of Gujarat.

Madhavsinh Solanki is the strong name behind the present Congress President Bharat Singh Solanki, but Bharatsinh’s impression is in the form of activists.

Bharat Singh Solanki is not the only one who does not have a public meeting or strong contacts on ground level. Congress does not have a leader who can sit in Congress in this situation all over Gujarat.

Gujarat BJP will become more powerful and emerge. It is a big question that how Congress can save 57 seats in the coming elections. The condition of Congress is like a booby-trapped hat without a captain today.

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