Samsung J5 (2017) Review, Specifications, Features, Camera Details

Samsung Galaxy J5 edition is one of the latest mid-range phones made by Samsung. It costs roughly about 300 bucks depending on the region and it has all metal design pretty good specs for the price. But as always if you want to learn more read our full in-depth Samsung Galaxy J5 review. We will provide all the details and our honest review about Samsung J5 2017 Edition .

Samsung J5 2017 Edition Full Review ~Display, Camera and Performance Review

Design And Display

the Samsung galaxy J5 is one of the best build smart phones you can find. honestly we wish the galaxy estate was made entirely of metal like this phone. There are absolutely no plastic parts well except for those Nano injected in lace for antennas. We found J5 to sit comfortably in the hand. the buttons are tactile and at the phone is compact since it has only 5.2 inch 780p Super AMOLED display. The resolution may not look impressive on paper but in reality the display is great it’s sharp, it’s vibrant, it looks almost like equality 1080p panel.

Same as the Galaxy J3 edition this phone lacks some essential features like a notification LED light or backlit capacities keys. But it does have a fingerprint scanner well it’s not the fastest but it’s accurate and it can unlock the phone strip on the standby mode.

Hardware And Performance

The galaxy J5 is a mid-range phone but it has quite a powerful octa-core exynos 7878 chipset that is coupled with 2 GB of RAM and just 16 Gb of storage that can be further expanded via a dedicated micro sd card slot. The gaming performance is just great we played all the graphically intensive games on the highest visual settings and the phone is able to handle them very well. Sure you may see a few skipped frames but nothing major also the phone stays cold to the touch even after minutes of gaming which is really impressive.

User Interface 

if you have used any Samsung phone before you’ll feel right at home since the Galaxy g ships with the Samsung experience 8.1 UI which is built ontop of Android 7.0. As usual Samsung added quite a few features and customization options just to name a few you can customize the phone by choosing from a collection of themes icon packs or wallpapers. You can also adjust some display settings or choose from a few advanced features. My favorite sync will be split screen mode one-hand operation mode that can be triggered by pressing a home button three times or camera quick launch feature. In general the phone is quite fast on the daily basis however, you may see some stutter if you keep a lot of apps running in the background but I can’t really complain about that.

Samsung J5 2017 Camera Review

The primary camera of the galaxy J5 uses the 13 megapixel sensor with a bright F 1.7 aperture lens that are coupled with a single LED flash. On the front there is another 13 megapixel shooter that also has a bright F 1.9 aperture lens and the LED flash for Selfie. The daylight image quality is very good. The pictures come out sharp detailed the color reproduction is accurate and the exposure is usually good.

The main issue would be a poor dynamic range in some of the shots. But the HDR mode that has to be turned on manually does a very good job bringing the detail back to the shadows even though something for the shots may look a little bit unnatural. The close-up shots also the greatest there is plenty of detail in most of the images. the panoramic pictures look good to you as there is a decent amount of detail and stitching is done well. As usual things get a lot worse at night but that F 1.7 aperture lens really helped take decent looking photos for a sub $300 phone. the selfies look pretty good as they are quite detailed also the front firing LED flash is powerful enough to take use able selfies in pitch-black situations.

Multimedia and Entertainment

I love the fact that Samsung implemented the loudspeaker on the right side of the phone so you won’t end up covering it up. The quality of sound is very good as it is balanced, rich and at the loudspeaker can get quite loud. We have no complaints about the quality of sound via Headset Jack. The volume output is good and there are no distortions and no static.


Samsung Galaxy J5 is a dual SIM card model and it can take two sims and a micro SD card at the same time. which is really awesome Most of the phones have hybrid dual SIM card slots. When it comes to connectivity the phone performs really. well we did not have any issues with either call quality nor signal reception. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work fine and finally the GPS is very accurate when used for navigation. The phone has most of the sensors so you’re all set in this department.

Battery Life

3000 milli amp hour battery performs just great even if you use the phone quite intensively you will still get about 6 hours of screen on time. If you use the J5 just for the basic stuff you can even achieve over 7 hours of SOT and that translates to a couple of days of usage. Finally it takes about one and a half hours to fully charge the device but what does all the disappointing is that the phone still uses the micro USB part not the USB type-c. in



This phone has a top-notch build quality because it’s made of metal. The display is sharp even though that’s only 720p resolution but it looks almost like a 1080p panel. Also we have any pretty good overall performance even the gaming performance is good. Also we have plenty of customization options and a dry accurate fingerprint scanner, good loudspeaker and overall great camera performance.


The phone lacks LED notification light and the captive keys are not backlit. The phone still ships with a micro USB port not the USB type-c . We wish this phone has at least 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage because the phone costs almost 300 bucks.

At the end of the day we still think that the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Edition is a great phone. But make sure to consider all the trade-offs before making approaches. Share Your Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Review In our comment section see you later.

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