Passport Police Verification Will Go Online IN INDIA : Official News

police verification for passport will go online

If you issued the passport in some states of india then you would know the complicated procedure and police verification issues probably. Apart from some paper work and document verification, there’s also requirement of police verification and third person victim So some corrupt officers are taking the huge benefits from it. Corrupt officers asks for bribe to speedup the verification procedure. But As per some official news, police verification will not be necessary in future if the new law will be applied.

police verification for passport will go online

Online Police Verification Procedure For Passport

The confirmation comes from Rajiv Mehrishi – The Union Home Secretary, who told the Press about police verification for passports will be substituted with all the CCTNS Project. For those who are looking for the more information regarding CCTNS Project can know that its universal Crime and Criminal Traking Network System (Read More). Currently Police verification procedure takes around 10 days but if this will go online then it will took less time than this.

Police will be given handheld devices to attend an applicant’s speech and his or her details will be uploaded with the system.

Currently there are around 16000 police station in all over india. CCTNS System is able to connect over 15,300 police stations all around the india and will make one national database of criminals and crimes. The CCTNS was initiated earlier today on the time of UPA Government by Home Minister Rajnath Singh. It is a fundamental digital police portal which will help make it a lot easier to monitor crime rates and identify criminals.

Application of CCTNS Project over Passport verification

Currently The CCTNS Project is not been applied in full form So It takes more time to initiate the project. In other thought the all the computers of the world is hackable so there’s a big security matter about online criminal database. No matter how the government should take care because this is a dual edged sword and this might result in fraudulent activities and bogus passports if not handled with extreme caution.

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