Nitish’s Return To NDA, How Strong Is The BJP’s Path To 2019?

New Delhi: After four years, Nitish Kumar has returned to the NDA. After getting support from BJP, he took oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar on Thursday. BJP leaders believe that after the arrival of Nitish, the road of BJP has become stronger for 2019. According to him, if all the opposition parties make joint appeals together then it will be difficult to find a famous face. Lalu Yadav has often talked about the United Opposition.

But BJP has the government in 13 states of the country. In the five states, the party is a partner of the government. There are two states where the BJP’s relations with the Ruling Party are friendly. The party is on the right track, on which the Congress used to be in the days of its popularity.

Nitish Return To NDA,

How Strong Is The BJP’s Path To 2019? 5 Important Points

1) 70% of the population, 58% of the BJP rule on the economy

  • BJP got 282 seats in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. The highest number of 71 seats was from UP.
  • After forming the government in Bihar in collaboration with JDU, now BJP has been able to achieve 70% of the country’s population and 58% economy, which has been achieved for the first time.
  • BJP is moving ahead in the major states of the country. His Alliance parties are in power in 7 of the 12 states. And these states can send more than 20 MPs.

2) BJP Support In States Where There Is No BJP Government

  • In states like Tamilnadu and Odisha, there is no BJP government. AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and BJD’s government in Odisha. But, the leaning of these two parties is also visible towards the BJP.
  • In the presidential election, both parties voted in favor of NDA candidate Candidate Ramnath Kovind.

3) Congress only has one big state

  • 130 years old Congress has only one big state Karnataka left. But, here too BS Yeddyurappa’s leadership is overtime to make a strong position in 2018. Among the states which have non-BJP and Congress governments, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh Bengal is important.

4) Enhanced penetration in South

  • The BJP’s penetration has also increased in the South States. BJP has friendly relations with the ruling parties of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu.
  • The NDA’s ally in Andhra Pradesh is TDP’s government. At the same time, the BJP’s relations with Telangana’s TRS and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu are friendly.

5) Who is the face of the apology?

According to Senior BJP Leaders, “Nitish is known for good governance and honesty, so it will be difficult to prepare a United Opposition against NDA.” The biggest question is if in 2019 such a United Opposition is formed Who will be his face? Akhilesh, Mayawati, Mamta or Lalu Yadav? BJP leader said that none of these could collide with us on the issue of corruption or good governance. Nitish’s case is different. ”
For the sixth time, CM became Nitish

Nitish has become CM for the sixth time. Earlier, he had twice formed the government with the support of RJD.

  1. First time (with NDA) -3 March 2000 to 10 March 2000 (for 7 days)
  2. Second time (with NDA) – November 24, 2005, to November 26, 2010
  3. For the third time (with NDA) – November 26, 2010, to May 20, 2014
  4. Fourth time (in collaboration with RJD) – From 22 February 2015 till 20 November 2015
  5. Fifth time (Maha Joint-Congress, RJD and JDU) – From 20 November 2015 to 26 July 2017
  6. Sixth time: July 27, 2017, with NDA.

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