My Story Movie Review & Cast : Parvathy-Prithviraj love story

Good news for fans of Prithviraj is coming back with a new movie “My Story“. My Story is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language romantic film. My Story movie directed and produced by Roshni Dinaker.  Prithviraj Sukumaran’s new movie My Story was released on 6 July 2018. Prithviraj plays the lead role in this film. A huge band around it, waiting for the characters of the film. Seeing the view of this film, the expectations of the film are higher than the performance. But will this film be true to audience expectations ???

my story movie review

Prithviraj and Parvathy have also worked together in the Malayalam film, in many Malayalam films like Moyden and Kanchanamala. Both of these films had dazzled the Malayalam industry so that these two films were a favorite of the award season and got a national award too. Both of those films were selected by the people. Prithviraj and Parvathy were honoured for their performances in both of these films, Moyden and Kanchanmala.

My Story Movie Review 

Award-winning onscreen couple Prithviraj and Parvathy have recovered the story of a tragic love as the film, which undo all the good works done in their previous outing. Directed by cosmetic designer-fern-filmmaker Roshanie Dinkar, My Story is an undercurrent story about the emergence of a movie star and the sins committed in the capital of Portugal. My story film directed by Roshni, the movie has been described as a self-starred car, beautiful scenes, a nice-looking couple dancing on their way from unique towns, and the story of a cinema itself is old. ‘My Story‘ is a landmark film for macho malyalam star Prithviraj. He has been telling confidently about his movie My Story that would become sure shot hit. Prithvi’s self-confidence and trailers have produced good buzz among the people. This movie is about an Romance & Love. It’s a nice movie to watch with a family. This movie stands as Family Entertainment. This movie has some outstanding comedy scenes, people will like that scenes.

The audience has been programmed to watch this films and judge them purely on the entertainment it offers, and not expect logic or even basic common sense. Prithviraj is an ambitious actor. When the beautiful and talented parvathy, an established heroine, falls in love with him, then it is difficult to make a difficult choice, this is the story of this film. If you look at Malayalam cinemas with dramatic dialogues and situations, the Malayalam cinema is quite the opposite, in which everything is subtle and it is story movie review and cast

Many people say that my story celebrates romance and performs best in cast and crew. People say about My Story in its review that it is a light and intense film that makes for the right view. The story of this movie is also similar to another. Some people said like that movie was so boring. Somebody who watched this movie they said we have devastated our money and time to watch this movie. This Movie has Poor story and direction is totally worst. We received news from the audience Love and Emotions displayed in this story are enough, and seeing no true feelings. My Story is routine malyalam story but some twists are there. My Story Movie Review has been good so far and many people are also liking this movie.

My Story Movie Cast

Pruthviraj Sukumaran (Actor) : In this movie Malayalam Actor Pruthviraj played role as Jay. Pruthviraj sukumaran played as lead actor role. Prithviraj looks good and his romance with Parvathy was also nice. An ambitious actor, who has found a big break by waiting for a majority of the film with a girl named Tharara, who is an established diva.

Parvathy Menon (Actress) : In this movie Malayalam Actress parvathy played role as Thaara. Parvathy Menon played as lead role.  Pruthviraj and Parvathy’s on screen chemistry is outstanding. In this movie Thara does not really have an interest in career or even her life, because she is involved with a wealthy person whom she is being resisted by.

Other Cast : There are many other characters in the film “My Story” whose role is good. There are many other co-stars who have played an important role in the film as well.

  • Director : Roshni Dinaker
  • Producer : Dinaker O. V.
  • Ganesh Venkatraman
  • Manoj K. Jayan
  • Manyanpilla Raju
  • Nandhu
  • Roger Narayan
  • Sunny Wayne

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