Malabar Naval Exercise Starts Between India, US And Japan

Mega joint naval exercise between the marine forces of India, United States and Japan is underway. The Malabar exercise is being conducted in the Bay of Bengal and Its standoff between Indian and Chinese forces in the Tri Junction area near Bhutan And Sikkim. In apprehensive Beijing has also wrapped up its presence in the Indian Ocean deploying warships and Intel gathering vessels to keep a keen eye on this exercise.

The participating nations however, are maintaining that the exercise is aimed at achieving deeper military ties and greater interchangeability so that threats like terrorism and piracy can be better counter. Right ahead of the exercise of clearly rattled Beijing said it hoped that such a cooperation won’t be directed against the third countries.

Malabar Naval Exercise between the marine forces of India, United States and Japan.

When Asked the question about the Chinese submarine circling the Indian Ocean. Indian naval vice admiral commander said that they are aware of it and they know how to deal with Chinese Navy Force. And they are monitoring every single Chinese vessel that is there in the Indian Ocean.

Last year it was planed to conduct the 21st edition of the Malabar exercise. The first drill was conducted 1994 and 4th time the Japanese is also participating in Malabar navy exercise. This is the biggest navy exercise so far. 6500 US & 7000 Japanese navy soldier are in this drill.

More than 60 warships are there including the Maquis USS Nimitz, the world’s biggest aircraft carrier along with INS Vikramaditya, India’s aircraft carrier. Two submarines and more than 95 aircraft also participated in it. So 10 days of intense Navy drills wargames will be held in the bay of Bengal.

All of the people those who are commanding in exercise are really excited about this. But no matter what the commander’s say there is a subtle message being sent across with Japan and United States joining India at these Malabar exercise. The strategic location also sending our message to the Chinese.

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