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Gujarati Bal Varta Books & Videos 2018 

History of Gujarati child stories Reaches 1800. According to information of Bhojya Vidyav Bhavan, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, stories were included in the 1800s, including pictures for children. According to the information provided by the Gujarati Child Stories, the stories of all-time Panchatantra were known from ancient times. Inspiration stories were available in 1828 AD. In the year 1886, the stories of the legendary Arabian Nights were found. Gizubhai Badheka, popularly known as “Mulchal Ma Maa” of children during the period of independence, created life improving, educating, sanskar versa. Kind of stories that are still loved by children. In the year 1968, the interesting facts of science were published by the book of 8th edition. Talks of Indian Independence from 1857 to 1947.

Gujarati Baal Varta is Gujarati Kids Entertainment Content Books and Videos. Here we provide more than 200 best kids stories in Gujarati language.
You read and let them read on Mobile devices.


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Gujarati Bal Varta Books 2018 

You can download free famous and popular best books of Gujarati Bal Varta, then read in your device with clarification. Also Anyone can download Gujrati bal varta E-book newest and oldest. We provides Gujrati bal varta books, can download here. We have huge collection of Gujrati bal varta books. Download Gujrati bal varta book on android mobile. also you can download gujarati bal varta books on mac IOs system. If you liked or unlike our provided Gujrati bal varta book, must review for Gujrati bal varta books as per below in comment box.

Gujarati Bal Varta is stands for to increasing knowledge of gujarati and encourage gujarati reading. we have huge collection of the best Gujarati Stories for your Childs. You read and also let them read on Mobile devices to increase their knowledge. This article provides Gujarati bal varta for children’s. These Bal varta books and videos will be recalled our childhood memory who are now elder.

Gujarati story Book said the Stories when being told in language of mother tongue, it’s better to remember and explained. Being Gujarati its your duty to tell Gujarati Child Stories to your children in Gujarati language and they really enjoying Gujarati stories much more than english or hindi stories.  also you can read the gujarati bal varta book online on your android mobile or tablets or mac ios.

As we know “Books are best friends”, by reading these stories kids can improve their knowledge also they increase or develop their logic also.

Best thing is we have listed the famous Gujarati Stories for your kids in the following section. Here we describe the list of Gujarati Bal Varta in below section.

Akbar Birbal Stories : This book is famous Gujarati Story Book. Here we list out the Akbar Birbal famous Stores.

  1. Lion and Birbal
  2. Birbal ne saja ketli
  3. Ishvarna Roop
  4. Birbal ni Khichdi
  5. Saval Javab

Panchatantra Stories : Panchatantra is most popular and famous story book ever. Lots of the Children’s favourite stories are Panchatantra’s stories. Panchatantra’s stories are written by famous author Vishnu Sharma. Here we listed the story of panchatantra. Panchatantra’s stories is known for their wisdom.

  1. The Monkey and the Crocodile
  2. The Loyal Mongoose
  3. The Brahmin’s Dream
  4. Union is Strength
  5. The Cat’s Judgement
  6. The Tiger the Brahmin and the Jackal
  7. The Elephant and the Mice
  8. The Four Learned Fools
  9. Tale of the three FIshes
  10. The Bird and the Monkey

Gijubhai’ s Bal Varta : Gijubhai’s Child Stories is famous of Gujarati world. Here we list out the gijubhai’s bal varta.

  1. Tadhu Tabakdu
  2. Popat ane Kagdo
  3. Chatur Vaniyo
  4. Pareva
  5. Bapa Kagdo
  6. Bandh Besti Paghdi Pehri

Other Gujarati Child Stories…….. 

  • Rabbit and fox Story
  • The Lion and The Mouse
  • Hats and stormy monkeys
  • Gammat Sathe Gyan
  • Kabar Ane Kagdo
  • Sassa Rana Sakariya
  • Undar Ane Sinh
  • Jya Samp Tya Jamp
  • Kagdo Ane Shiyal
  • Sherdi no Svad
  • Mulla Nasaruddin
  • Miya Phuski
  • Chhako Mako
  • Fairy tales
  • Jya Samp Tya Jamp

Gujarati Bal Varta Videos 2018

You can download free latest videos of Gujarati Bal Varta in High Definition FULL HD quality, then view in your device with high quality. Also Anyone can download Gujrati bal varta video’s newest and oldest mp3, HD,  mp4 songs. We provides Gujrati bal varta video songs in various formats such as mp4, hd, mkv, flv, wmv, 3gp, mp3. We have huge collection of Gujrati bal varta video songs. Download full HD MP4 Gujrati bal varta video song on android mobile. also you can download gujarati bal varta videos on mac IOs system. If you liked or unlike our provided Gujrati bal varta video, must review for Gujrati bal varta video’s HD, mp4, mp3 videos as per below in comment box.

gujarati bal varta

Gujarati stories videos said the Stories when being told in language of mother tongue, it’s better to remember and explained. Also we are continuously adding new videos to this website so regularly visit our website and read the Gujarati Bal Varta article. So keep ready your mobile for new videos of gujarati bal varta absolutely free of cost to download.

Some videos will same there is most of child listen from his/her Grand Parents as a story.  This bal varta videos are the best way to listing Bal Varta and tell the bal stories to kids there are attractive graphics and beautiful bal varta which kids will love to watch. Here we gives you a best huge collection of  child story in videos watching for kids and small children. All videos are animated videos Varta and kahaniya for kids to watching with fun and get an entertain.

You do not have to spend another time to purchasing book  Instead of purchasing at bookstores. In our Website our team are provides free moral short stories in a videos specially prepared for kids. This videos not only for entertaining purpose but also teach kids about the good thing about life and provides Gujarati Stories for children’s. Millions of users can be download the Gujarati Child Stories latest Videos in which some of videos are as moral story. At the end of story tells the moral to us. Old and Latest stories collection are here.


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