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Hi Friends !!! Today we present the schedule of KSI vs Logan Paul fights. According to our report, the YouTube Sensation KSI has signed terms on two-fight deals with fellow social media star Logan Paul. KSI won the last fight, which was organised in London. After the victory in London, KSI called its controversial allies to the social media star, and Poll released a video by accepting a challenge to YouTube, which is now getting viral. Logan Paul has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, who hit the headlines early this year when he filmed a suicide victim during a Japanese self-styled jungle trip. Logan Paul apologised and said that the KSI It is expected to leather trade, which has more than 18 meters Fan-base YouTube.

ksi vs logan paul fight

When is Logan Paul and KSI’s fight ??? KSI vs Logan Paul Match Date

After winning the knockout against Keller in the first Boxing match in London’s Copper Box in January 2018, he called Logan Paul and that gave rise to the whole thing. The fight between Logan Paul and KSI will be on August 25, at 7 pm And before the end of February 2019 this pair will face again. Logan’s brother Jack was in front of the KSI initially. Logan’s brother liked to go in the ring with KSI, but his old brother immediately proceeded and decided that he would go to war with the British star.

Between KSI and Logan Paul, the first fight will be held on August 25, 2018 in UK, when the second fight will take place in February 2019 and will be on the undisclosed location in the US. KSI and Logan Paul still argue on Twitter about money and pictures on Twitter sign each other and show pictures of Logan and KSI.

KSI vs Logan Paul Fight Venue

KSI said during an interview that his next fight would be in England. KSI and Logan Paul’s fight will take place in the UK on August 25, 2018 in Manchester Arena – the only place where all the fighters of Mike Tyson, Aamir Khan and David Haye have fought. KSI has stated in an earlier interview that if the logan has progressed to combat, the pair would book a bigger space than the 7,500-seat East London copper box, where he hosted his last blow to Weller.

For the second fight between KSI and Paul, which is to be held in February 2019, there is no room allocated in the US fight and it seems that both fighters have the option to get out of the deal immediately after the date of the UK. Logan Paul initially wanted a fight to be held in a neutral venue and chose Dubai for that, so it seems that the two fight deals were enough to move them forward and sign the agreement.

How can Watch the KSI vs Logan Paul’s Fight ??

The KSI vs. Logan Paul is the most anticipated live YouTube event of all time, the intensity of watching KSI vs. Logan Paul can be intensified in the Manchester Arena. KSI vs. Logan Paul’s fight tickets will be in high demand. Prices for the fight ticket cost between £ 34- £ 516. Additional ticket prices, including VIP packages, are different. KSI and Paul’s fight will be streamed on YouTube for free so that all people can see that. Open the Most popular channel YouTube and watch the interesting fight between KSI and Logan Paul.

Certain statistics are not yet available, but there is probably the possibility that these pairs will enter millions into the ring. Here, some serious cash is expected, with the help of sponsors fighting in an effort to cash in the popularity of the pair.

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