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Kinjal Dave Lifestyle and Personal Detail

In our Gujarat state most popular singer is Kinjal Dave. Who heard the song of kinjal dave it become fan of kinjal dave due to her attractive voice. Kinjal dave’s singing is very nice, he sang songs like Garba song, Traditional song, Wedding song and Santvani song. Also she has good looks and huge fan following. Her fans gives name to her like Folk singer and Queen of Garba with lots of love.

Kinjal Dave’s Height is 164 cm or in other word her height is 5 feet, 4 inches. She has 53 Kg Weight. Kinjal Dave’s favourite hobby is Singing, Dancing and Travelling. She gets 1 to 2 lakh from per program. She has Innova Toyota car. Kinjal Dave’s Favourite actor is Salman Khan and favourite actress is Deepika Padukon in Bollywood. Kinjal Dave want to become Gujarati actor as a lead role in Gujarati industry. Kinjal Dave’s Favourite place in Gujarat is “Div”.

This article is released for peoples who are fan of Kinjal Dave. Now days everyone wants to know more about kinjal dave so we gives you detail about an kinjal dave Age, Birthdate, Biography, Favourite Food, Husband, Struggles and Family in this article. Kinjal dave’s popularity increasing day by day, she gets more and more fan following on Facebook and Instagram.

Kinjal Dave’s Age, Birthdate, Hometown and Family

Kinjal Dave’s Age is 18 year. she was born in Patna, Gujarat on 24th November, 1999. Her Family gives nick name “Kanji” to her. She is from Traditional Brahmin Family in Banaskantha of Uttar Gujarat. Kinjal Dave’s Father name is Lalji Bhai, he is works in diamond company in Ahmedabad. He was Music lover. Kinjal Dave’s Family member are Mother, Father and Small Brother. Now a days she lives in Naroda one of the popular area of Ahmedabad with her family. She is not a bright student while she studying. she was studied at Patanjali College. Her Brother’s Name is Akash. Kinjal Dave was choose the Commerce stream in class 12 in ahmedabad. In 2017, she got Pass class with good scorecard in class 12 commerce. Kinjal Dave has full support from her father Lalji Bhai. Kinjal dave’s father was sang song when he was done her diamond business. so, we can say singing is heritage gift from her father.

In Stadium of IPL 2018 Match, Kinajl dave’s Gujarati song was played and everyone was dance on that kinjal dave’s song.

Kinjal Dave’s Husband and Her Engagement Images

Kinjal Dave is engaged now. Her Engagement date is 18th April, 2018. Kinjal Dave’s Husband or Fiance name is Pawan Joshi. Her husband Pawan Joshi lives in Vastrapur area of Ahmedabad. Pawan Joshi is not from ahmedabad properly but, He is from Sariyad village, Patan District, Gujarat State. In now days Pawan Joshi is doing his own Bussiness in Ahmedabad. Pawan Joshi gifted a Pendal to Kinjal Dave in their engagement. Kinjal Dave’s husband Pawan Joshi sang song for Kinjal Dave that time she was blushing. also Kinjal Dave sang song for her husband Pawan Joshi. After their engagement Pawan Joshi and Kinjal dave was done photo shoot for News Paper.


Kinjal Dave went to London and click selfie with Sunny Leone. She went some area like At Bruj Khalifa. She also click the selfie with their peoples. You can see all the photos below :

Kinjal Dave’s In Laws

Kinjal Dave was meet her in laws Family after her engagement. you can see image of her in laws at below.

Live Interview with Kinjal Dave 

Once she was talk with media and said she is very happy with her better half. Most of Decision regarding Kinjal Dave is taken by her Father Lalji Bhai. Also Kinjal Dave’s Husband Pawan Joshi was chosen by her Father Lalji Bhai and she was accept her Father choice. She believes must do hard work, Don’t depends on luck. She was started singing with Gaytri Path and Bhajan. She started signing for helping to her family. In her childhood she was a shines.

KInjal Dave’s Favourite Food and List of Her Song

Kinjal dave’s Favourite food is Gujarati Food. she loves Gujarati dish. She prefers Gujarati dish regularly. Her Favourite food is Talela Marcha, Kadhi – Khichdi and Bhakhri.

Kinjal Dave was sang song “Jonadiyo” Wedding songthat song was first song of kinjal dave. Kinjal Dave’s song is “Char Char Bangdi Vali Gadi”, she started singing journey with this song. This song was very nice and it was became hit song and popular song. Kinjal Dave sang 99+ song and done 200 + Live programme till now.

Here, we gives you a list of Kinjal Dave’s Hit Song :

  • “Jonadiyo”
  • “Char Char Bangdi Vali Gadi”
  • “O Sayaba”
  • “Avsar”
  • “Leri Lala”
  • “Chote Raja”
  • “Dadi ma mari Roj Keto to”
  • “Non Stop Gujarati Garba”
  • “Amba ji Maa ni Katti Batti”
  • “Kaleshwari No Mandvo”
  • “Chotila ma DJ Vage”
  • “DJ Zapato”
  • “Daru Pidho Dera Daru Pidho”


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