How To Order Food in Train By IRCTC App, Website

Hello Dear Visitors !!! How are you, I hope you all will be okay. Today we are going to publish how to order food in train. 70% of the total population of India prefer to travel in the rail, because the travel of the train is easy and cheap. When people are having long-term travel, they are having problems eating food. During long-term travel, e-catering or ordering fall is to meet the needs of people travelling in the train. In the present time, tourists can request food in trains on multiple trips through multiple modes. Railway passengers across the country can order food through IRCTC while travelling. Travellers can use the ‘Food on track’ mobile application and ‘e-catering’ website to order IRCTC.

how to order food in train

How To Order Food In Indian Railway Trains ?? How Order Food With Irctc App And Website

It is not an unusual thing to order food while travelling in trains in recent times. People are always ready to enjoy the meal while travelling in Indian Railways trains. Recently, the catering brothers of Indian Railway Catering and IRCTC have warned the railway passengers for food suppliers like Reactor, RailRosauri, Khanagadi, Khainline, Food Train, Food Wheel, travelwiziya, trainfood, travelfood, travelerfood as they provide food in long-term trains. Not authorised by the National Transporter to provide.

To order online food during travel, first, the passenger will have to go to and enter the PNR number. Apart from the online order, passengers can also use two other options for food order. First option by calling 1323 and sending the SMS to another option 139, by typing MEAL <PNR>. Passengers can also cancel the order, but they will need to make at least 2 hours before scheduled delivery of the meal. It will take at least 3 days from the date of cancellation of order to get a refund of cancelled order.

Customers can order the following food items online. Here we give you a list of Tasty Food

  1. Indian
  2. Jain
  3. South Indian
  4. Punjabi
  5. Gujarati
  6. Muglai
  7. Bangali
  8. Rajasthani
  9. Avadh
  10. Kashmiri
  11. Hyderabadi
  12. Marwadi
  13. Continental

Steps To Order Food In Indian Train ?? IRCTC Food Order In Train

Passengers can order online for food, for which passengers will be forced to follow the following steps. To Order Food Online for consumption while travelling, first, the passenger will have to follow the below steps.

  1. First of all passenger will have to go to
  2. Then Passenger will have to enter the PNR (passenger name record) number.
  3. Now the passenger will have to choose his/her station from the list of railway stations.
  4. Then after vendor menu will open with food prices.
  5. In the next, passenger can choose the food item.
  6. Now the passenger will have to select the mode of payment.
  7. Then passenger’s order will be confirm.
  8. After that the passenger and service provider will get all the details of the order as Email and SMS.
  9. Then The passenger will receive OTP. This OTP will be used by the service provider on mobile applications at the time of food distribution.
  10. An email to the customer will be sent to the station 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time.

Here we will tell you the things to keep in mind while ordering food. Before ordering your food, you need to read menu cards and values ​​for various items. Tell your order to take your order on the website of your PNR so that the order is registered only in your PN and it can be freely freed without you seeing it. When ordering by online or by phone, order two hours before reaching a favourite station so you can get your meal wherever you want. Always order food in good customers and restaurants. Dont forget to take the bill pay.

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