Guy Orders Moto C Plus On FlipKart But What He Got Will Shock Your Brain

The Teenager living somewhere around the India has ordered Motorola C Plus Mobile From the Well Known Shopping and E-Commerce Giant Flipkart. As we all know Moto C Plus Comes with the Price tag of INR 6,999/-.

Moto C Plus is one of the famous small budgeted flagship devices in India and it has quite well demanded as well on the market of cellular phones.

Now the thing is The Teenager Named ‘Ravi’ (Name Changed)  has ordered Moto C Plus From The Flipkart and Instead of Getting The Carted Device, He gets the more costliest one 😛

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Humans are made from Errors and Errs. No matter how technology builds up, Errors will still win the war. The Same thing happened with Mr Ravi. Fortunately this time Error Benefits the consumer.

Mr Ravi who was waiting for its Motorola C plus on this weekend has some different dignity written for his future. He gets Lenovo P2 which is way costlier than the ordered Moto C+

Here i have got some images of the recently shipped mobile phone which is lenovo p2.

wrong delivery of flipkart

While Mr Ravi will be the happiest Nigg in the planet right now, seller might ordered ‘Fault in Our Stars’ perhaps that’s the title Seller needs to read.

Whom You Blammed? System? Technology or Human Error?

Is there any solution?

We Humans Only Bow Down to God cause we can’t solve our Errors! May the Lord of Light solves our Error.

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