Guy Needed Help for Medical Emergency and Here is What Happen Next

The Name XDA, you might have heard as its gigantic forum for android lovers and specially for android developers and tutorials but you didn’t knew XDA OT Before this post I guess.

Yes, XDA OFF TOPIC. A group name in facebook which has more than 69000 Notorious Members in it. it is one of the famous group in teenagers in India specially its well known facebook society for tech freaks.

Why Notorious? Because an OTIAN’s brain is made from loot, trolls, jokes and the memes you seen in internet.

SO Lets Gets Back on the Main topic. In the Morning at 8:39 AM of Wednesday 6th July 2017, an XDA Member Named Gurumeet Singh asked for the help as his father Paramjeet Singh hospitalized due to unknown medical emergency.

Just After His Post, The Storm of Help and Prays Came. Thousands of XDA Otians (XDA Members) Triggered up their guns and roses for the help of fellow member as much as they can. many Otians have donated 1000rs where else Many have donated whatever amount they have and emptied their wallets just to help. I’ve seen people were donating 10rs or 13rs because that’s what they had in their wallet. isn’t it great? isn’t it humanity?

it is said we surrounded by corrupt people and monster hearts but we never looked there are some beauty and enlightenment always  there, you just need to ask for help that’s it.


Well, not sure it was a lake or sea but i can admit that our seeker fella is getting enough help from the huge army of techno freaks and trollers that no one has imagine.

Total 80000rs collected from random people of XDA OFF TOPIC alone and then similar groups like FRB Trolls and many pages came to help for the buddy. admin Ravi Mishra from FRB Trolls collecting all the possible donation and will try to give in personnel at apollo hospital.

Get well soon uncle! lots of prayers are with you!

and this post from admin sets ocean of tears in the dried eyes of mine.

don’t forgot an OTIAN could ask question to 69000 that you never imagined too. that’s what made the vast in to singular wave.

To those haters who hate this post, MML BRO 😉

keep smiling.

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