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hath ma chhe whisky ne aakho ma pani mp3 lyrics

Hath Ma chhe whisky Is super hit gujarati Sad song which is written by Manu Rabari And Deepak Purohit. The Singer Of This song is Jignesh KavirajThe song is hit because the theme of the song is alcoholic (Gujarat Is Dry State). Here is the Credential Of the Artist of this Song. In our website idanku.com, The song is available to download in mp3 Version. Visitors can also watch the HD Video here By Clicking on the below given Media player.

hath ma chhe whisky ne aakho ma pani mp3 lyrics


Credits Of Hath Ma chhe Whisky By Jignesh Kaviraj

  • Singer – Jignesh Kaviraj
  • Director – Dhruval Sodagar
  • Producer – Deepak Purohit, Dhruval Sodagar, Bipin Patel
  • Label – Raghav Digital
  • Lyrics – Manu Rabari, Deepak Purohit
  • Music – Mayur Nadiya
  • Technical – Sumit Sathvara
  • Artist: Samarth Sharma, Urvashi Raval (Chini), Javed Lucky Khan


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Hath ma chhe whisky ne aakhon ma pani Lyrics MP3 HD Video Song Download

E hath ma chhe whisky ne aakhon ma pani (3)

Bewafa Sanam Tari Bov Merabani..


E dil ma chhe darad ne aakho ma pani (2)

Bewafa Sanam Tari Bov Merabani..


Ho jer pidha me to jani re jani

Jer pidha me to jani re jani,

Bewafa Sanam ..


E hath ma chhe whisky ne aakhon ma pani (2)

Bewafa Sanam Tari .. (2)


E peli var mali tyare mithu bolati ti ..

dil upar hath rakhi sogan khati ti..


He, kadiye nai bhulu hu to pritadi re tari..

Bhale palatay jay duniya re sari..

o Jindagi bagadi mari kari dhul dhani..

Aavi dagali meto nathi tane jani..

Bewafa ..


E gadi have ratan pur border javani..

bear ne whisky ni mehfil thavani..

Bewafa Sanam Tari aa Merabani.. (2)


ho tara lidhe to mari thai badanami..

bol ne mara ma shu hati khami..

ho mari javano hu to gori tari kaje.

nai bhale jiv to joje kal hanje..

ho tari kaje mari jindagi lutani,,

mari te bhul mane have samajani..

Bewafa San..


e aache mari jindagi ni aakhari kahani..

chodi do whisky ne prem lo jani..

Bewafa Sanam Tari Bov ..


E hath ma chhe whisky . . (2)

Bewafa Sanam Tari Bov Merabani..

ho.. Bewafa Sanam Tari Bov Merabani..


The Video Version of this song hath ma che whisky was published on May 24 2017. Song Got Total 9972000 View On Youtube. It is sponsored by the Raghav Digital And Also Published on the Youtube Channel Named Raghav digital Which Have 202000 Subscribers In Biggest video platform youtube. The song is strictly prohibited for re-upload but fans can share it on social media like facebook and whatsapp.


Hath Ma Chhe Whisky HD Video Song Watch Online Or Download

Here is the video which is embed from youtube. You can watch the video song By Clicking here or you can also download hath ma chhe whisky in hd from youtube or from our website by just clicking on this link.

Click HERE To Download HD Video Song


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Hath ma chhe whisky ne aakho ma pani MP3 Download

The song is also downloadable from below given link. There are two links of this song first one is 120kbps song and second one is 320kbps link both are of the song hath ma chhe whisky akho ma pani mp3 song.

Jignesh kaviraj is very well known gujarati singer. he had sang Madharo Pidho and Thakardhani on earlier days of his singing career which also got very much appreciation from gujarati audiance. But the Hath ma chhe whisky ne aakho ma pani mp3 and video song is most liked song of him.

Manu rabari is the lyricist of this song. manu rabari is the person who wrote the lyrics of famous gujarati song Char bangadi wali gadi and Leri LALA song. And this whisky sad gujarati song is another master piece from jignesh kaviraj and manu rabari.

Mp3 Version of this song is also available to download here and visitor can listen online this song by clicking on above given link.


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