Gautam (Goutham) Nanda Movie Review & Rating

Gautam Nanda is your most costly movie in the livelihood of Gopi Chand. Catherine Tresa and Hansika played with the female contributes to the movie and the manufacturers published the teaser of this film in the event of the birthday of Gopichand. it has been very viral to look for Gautam Nanda movie review on internet.

Director Sampath Nandi has produced a subject with dialogues and screenplay. This movie an action entertainer. It’s his journey that may continue to keep the audiences. The picture was attached to a canvas that is wide; there will be something which everybody else will take back. The Way to Make a Moviestar The film is just a film that is screenplay-based as well as also the graphics are all extraordinary.

The cinematography is fine; however, Gautam Nanda finishes as a moot, sentimental and also a predictable play without a fresh to offer you. It’s pitiful to watch be funnier and Gopichand trying to seem young. Substance and style will not help but just as soon as this material isn’t rancid and projecting is ideal. This is supposed for its galleries.

It’s shocking to find a storyline that’s been oft is picked by that the auteur. Girls have nothing to complete. The sole bright spot in the film is tv anchor Bitthiri Satti who appeals his way. It’s funny to see the dog of Gautam squatting at the desk side its master, running on the wheelchair and learning to be a factor as to that could be the son of Vishnu Prasad, the individual, to distinguish.

Because the film grows, to the second half of it, there’s just an enormous cutout of Chiranjeevi too; Gautam because Nanda Kishore chooses his own family to a picture…therefore that we assume both celebrity protagonist’s lovers are joyful.

Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Cast and Crew (Credits):

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Language: Telugu

Star Cast: Gopichand, Hansika Motwani, Catherine Tresa, Sachin Khedekar, Mukesh Rishi

Director: Sampath Nandi

Producer: J. Bhagavan, J. Pulla Rao

Editor: Gautham Raju

Cinematographer: Soundar Rajan

Music Director: S. Thaman

Gautam Nanda Movie Total Collections

Gopichand’s film Gautam Nanda is published now i.e., 28th July 20 17. Gopichand looks dashing. Later, the picture Loukyam Gopichand has no strikes. Goutham Nanda is a Telugu movie starring Catherine Tresa Hansika Motwani & from the female characters.

The Gautam Nanda is led at Sampath Nandi and made by J. Bhagavan and Pulla Rao.
The teaser hints which the picture was merged with most of the ingredients that are industrial and looks striking. Gopichand performance presentation and visuals together side his look will be the high lights of this teaser. The film was made by wairuna Thaman. This past year, Gautam Nanda is set for July release. Hope Gopichand comes back together with Gautam Nanda.

Gautam Nanda Movie Story Line and reviews

Just how many pictures did not we find a ‘Slum Dog’ eating with his hands and licking at while the waiters stand shell stunned? There is certainly much more to this than the role narrative. Poor people Nanda Kishore gets greedy and connives using Gautam’s dad Vishnu Prasad’s (Sachin Khedkar) enemy to shoot his place from the palace for ever. The 2nd half continues and about carrying the tussle between the two. There’s plenty of sentimental stuff between Nanda Kishore’s parents Chandra Mohan and Sita, the occasions that they move without food, their fight to find your ex from your home wed the figures, etc.. All supposed to target both the C and B viewers. The tear jerkers induce you mad and impatient as the narrative gets predictable.

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