Gauri Lankesh Killed Outside House By Three Gunshot : Murder News

Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murdered By Three Gunshot Outside Her House. Lankesh parked her car outside her house and was walking towards the main entrance of her house and there the murderer Fired total 7 round of point-blank range. From Total 7 round 3 bullets shot lankes on her head, Chest And Neck.


Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murder News : Today News

Gauri Lankesh CCTV Footage of home house


Police are hoping that Gauri Lankesh had put up CCTV footage from cameras at her home.

CCTV Footage of gauri Lankesh Home

The police have allegedly spotted one of 3 killers on CCTVs which were installed at Ms Lankesh’s home in the western portion of their IT hub. The defendant is observed wearing a helmet, said police resources, adding that three groups are made to identify and track down the killers, who were likely paid assassins.


Neighbours came from a flat opposite the house where the journalist lived alone on which they believed were noises of firecrackers and discovered Gauri lying in a pool of blood on her porch just a meter away from your locked verandah to her dwelling. “Ordinarily, she works late afternoon since she is a journalist. Today she appeared to have returned home earlier than normal,” a neighbour said.

Gauri Lankesh Murder News Shot by gun

Gauri Lankesh Shot By Gun on 5th September 2017

Gauri lankesh was a very fearless journalist and activist so that her murder news is viral on internet social media.

Karnataka Law Minister TB Jayachandra said that there can be links between the murder of gauri Lankesh and that of scholar MM Kalburgi who was killed in 2k15 at his house in Dharwad, which is placed around 400 kms from Bengaluru.


Indrajit lankesh, brother of gauri lankesh is filmmaker. His statement is also valuable in this case. Indra Jit said that “I am deeply shocked. I have no clue who has done this,”. Indrajit is the first person who arrived at the morder spot first. Residents of an apartment complex in front of her house where Lankesh lived alone alerted the police. Cops from nearby stations, including Kengeri, RR Nagar, Byatarayanapura, Chandra Layout and Kamakshipalya, were rushed to the spot. Within an hour, hundreds of people had gathered at the spot and raised slogans against communal elements even as her body was taken away to Victoria Hospital for autopsy.

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