Fourth of July Facts US Independence Day History And Fireworks

Today we are going to talk about the 4th July, Which In United states it is known as Independence day. This is the day the Americans celebrate there independence from great Britain. Here we will talk about 4th of July history and facts. And We will also see Fourth of July fireworks So Lets Get Started.

4th July Facts, History And Fireworks  ~ US Independence Day

As you all know July 4th is considered as America’s birthday. It’s also known as Independence Day. Along time ago, on July 1776, , The Declaration of Independence was adopted. It was put together by some very important men, also known as the Founding Fathers. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and the main writer, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson declared that the original colonies were no longer to be governed by King George III of Great Britain.

Fourth of July

Independence Day – Fourth of July History

So, the story goes that the founders of this nation signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Parting ways with King George to found the free-est, finest nation on the face of the Earth. Except, the Continental Congress approved a resolution of independence on July 2nd. The resolution was proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia in June, 1776 and was a simple legal declaration of from England.

The Declaration of Independence was the formal announcement of independence, and its text was approved on July 4th, 1776. The fancy parchment version with all the pretty calligraphy wouldn’t get drawn up until July 19th , and most members of congress signed the Declaration on August 2nd.

Americans started celebrating the 4th as early as 1777 . As Adams predicted, the holiday was observed with feasts, 13 gun salutes, and fireworks. In 1778, George Washington celebrated the 4th by giving his soldiers a double ration of rum. While the people celebrated the anniversary from the beginning, the federal government took its sweet time formalizing the holiday. Independence Day became an unpaid holiday for federal employees in 1870, and it became a paid day off in 1948 .

Unknown Facts Of 4th July / Independence Day

  • July 4th mark the deaths of 2 of the Founding Fathers – Thomas Jefferson On July 4, 1826 And John Adams July 4, 1826. President James Monroe Also Died On 4th July Year 1831.
  • Of the 56 men who singed the declaration of Independence, One later recanted. Richard Stockton of New jersey recanted after being captured by loyalists and imprisoned by the British.
  • The Declaration of independence was actually accepted by Congress on 2 July, 1776.  But the revised version was  Adopted two days later.
  • America’s most enduring  symbols of liberty aren’t american.  The Statue of Liberty was the gift to the US from France People. And The Liberty Bell was commissioned and cast in London, England.
  • 4th of July is best known for barbecues, Hot dogs, and Fireworks. 80% of Americans attend a BBQ on 4th July. 175 Million Ponds worth of fireworks are sets off. That’s over $660 Million on fireworks. American eat 150 million hot dogs on 4th July. That’s Enough hot dogs to stretch from DC To LA more than 5x Times.
  • And Americans love to show patriotism. 66% of American display flag at there house on 4th July. Americans spent $5.0 million on imported American Flag in 2016. from which $4.0 million going to china.

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