Election Process For 13th Vice President Of India Is Underway

The stage has been set for the election to the post of vice-president. However both the government and the opposition are yet to announce their candidates for the post. Opposition parties are scheduled to meet on Tuesday to discuss the issue. the process to elect the 13th vice-president started with the Election Commission issuing the notification on 4th of July.

but even a week after that neither the ruling NDA now the opposition has so far announced their candidates. opposition leaders will meet on 11th of July to discuss their candidate. while the numbers favor the ruling Alliance political analysts believe the real challenge for the opposition will be to keep its flock together in the electoral battle. Especially with uncertainty over the JDU.

So now it is job of the opposition mainly to say the protagonist is the Congress party. they should keep their flocks together as they are getting indication that perhaps the JDU can support the candidate of the NDA. So right now it is not clear and its uncertain.

Vice President Will Be Elected By The Members Of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Through Secret Ballot.

Polling if required will take place on August 5th while counting will also take place the same evening. unlike the presidential polls where MPs and MLAs elect the President. The Vice President is elected by only the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha through a secret ballot. Nominated members also vote to elect a president.

Election of the vice president comprises members of the Electoral College of whom elected and nominated members belong to Raja Sabha. While 543 elected and 2 members are from Lok Sabha. A candidate needs 20 electors as proposals and 20 more as seconders for his nomination.

the Election Commission has made all preparations for this important election. the nomination papers can be filed up to 3 p.m. on 18th of July and thereafter on 19th in the morning at 11 o’clock the scrutiny of the nomination papers will take place.

And those whose nomination papers which are found valid in the after the scrutiny those candidates they can withdraw their names from the fray till 21st of July by 3:00 p.m.. And if there are more than one candidate left after that then the polling of VP Election will take place.

The Term of present Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari who has held the post for two terms in a row will end on 10th of August.

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