Dhinchak Pooja – Selfie Maine leli aaj – Funny MEMES, Jokes, trolls and Tweets

Dhichak pooja getting fame as the light of speed. Her songs are truly hilarious and People are making fun of it. But without getting offense she continuously Making videos and songs one by one. Her first song was Swag wali topi then she created Daru daru daru song and now she is coming up with her latest and funny video song selfie maine leli aaj.

She has a record for the ratio of heaters and fan. Her song selfie maine leli aaj was trending on youtube and the #selfiemaineleliaaj was trending on twitter and facebook.

people are continuously making Memes, trolls and jokes of her video song. Here is the pictures and images of dhinchak pooja memes and trolls that make you laugh badly.

Dhinchak pooja selfie maine leli aaj Memes pictures Trolls and Jokes

Funny facebook post of selfie maine leli aaj

Dhinchak pooja suryavansham meme

Funny picture comments of selfie maine leli aaj

So this is the memes of dhinchak pooja and selfie maine leli aaj song which is viral now a days in all over india. the people making jokes of dhinchak pooja. there are some people coming with the name dhichak pooja’s sister and dhichak poojas brother. people are making fake ids in facebook using her name and publishing some funny stuff over there.

Youth are also doing hilarious comments on her tweets and facebook posts. some people are abusing her innocently. Dhinchak poojas main aim is to become famous. She knows that she can’t do something big or unique which is creative also so dhinchak pooja done this types of video songs and getting fame.


When she finally gets dhinchak poojas Song Selfie maine leli aaj DVD

Dhinchak pooja funny memes


Dhinchak pooja selfie maine leli aaj Viral video song

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