The Boiling River In Amazon – Mysterious River Discovered By Andrés Ruzo

We All Know That The Amazone Is the Mysterious Jungle Of All time Even Scientists And Geo-researchers Also Have a Lot Of Interest In It.

This River Has Been Discovered By The “Andrés Ruzo”. The Story Behind His Interest Is When He was Young, His GrandDad Usually Tells A Little Story About This River.So Andrés Ruzo Have A Little Interest In This Boiling River. The river has long been a legend in Peru, but when geoscientist Andrés Ruzo’s heard about it, he thought such a phenomenon couldn’t possibly exist. 

The Boiling River In Amazon – Mysterious River

There are Also Some People In Amazon Jungle  Saw This Before Andrés Ruzo. But Scientifically It Is Not Possible So that People Ignores Them.

The Mysterious And Very Hot River Discovered In The Amazon Jungle.The river in Mayantuyacu was found by Andrés Ruzo after his granddad recalled a legendary tale.


ROZO With the boiling river

He believed that it would require a huge amount of geothermal heat to boil even a small river, and the Amazon basin is far from any active volcanoes. But then, Andrés Ruzo saw the legendary boiling river by his own eyes.

Story Behind Discovery Of Amazon Boiling River

Ruzo first heard about the Mayantuyacu river From his grandfather When They Called Him a story about The Spanish conquistadors killed the last Inca emperor.

He said that after the murder, the Spanish conquistadors headed into the Amazon rainforest in search of gold.

When they returned, the men spoke of a terrifying experience that involved poisoned water, man-eating snakes and a river that boils from below.

Twelve years later, at a family dinner, Ruzo heard Again About The Boiling River From His Aunt, His  aunt said that she had visited This Legend River.

The river fascinated him growing up. As a PhD student in geophysics at Southern Methodist University in Texas, Ruzo wanted to find the river for himself. 

‘I began asking that question. Could the boiling river exist?”, Ruzo said in Ted Talk. 

‘I asked colleagues from universities, the government, oil, gas and mining companies, and the answer was a unanimous no. 

‘And this makes sense. You see, boiling rivers do exist in the world, but they’re generally associated with volcanoes. The Volcanoes are 650 km Far From This River. So You need a powerful heat source to produce such a large geothermal manifestation. Thats Why The Answer Is No.

But Her Aunt Telling The Same story About This River. That’s Why Andrés Ruzo Inspired About This Boiling River.

What Happen After River Had Been Discovered ?

After This Mysterious Discovery Andrés Ruzo Immediately Grab Their Thermometer into The water Of River And He Note The Temperature Approximately 86 Degree Celsius. Lets See What Rozo Said About It –  “When I saw this, I immediately grabbed for my thermometer,” said Ruzo in a TED talk back in 2014. “The average temperature in the river was 86 degrees Celsius, not quite boiling but definitely close enough … It’s not a legend.”

After That He Catch One Frog And Take It Into The River Water. But The Water Is Hot Enough So That frog Died Within a Minute. Here we Have Picture Of That Frog And ROZO

Bugs In Boling River

Reason Behind The Hot water OF Amazon Boiling River

The most Mysterious part was the sheer size of it. Hot springs aren’t uncommon, and thermal pools get to these temperatures in other parts of the world, but nothing even comes close to the scope of the river – it’s up to 25 metres wide and six metres deep, and runs burning hot for an incredible 6.24 km. At-least One Source Of Heat Will Found Near This River Because The Volcano Is Very Far. But Rozo Discover That The Earth Below The River Has a Crack In It So It IS Possible That Heatness is Due To The Thermal Energy Of The Earth.

Environment Around boling river of amazon

Environment Around This River Is Always Smokey And Full Of Steam. This Steam Is Generated Due To boiling Of water Of The Boiling River.

Now Andrés Ruzo Have A Permission OF Five Year To Research On It. And Solve The Mystery Of This Boiling Water. 

Location OF The Boiling River Of Amazon.

This River is Discovered Near Mayantuyacu Near PERU In The Amazon Forest Or Jungle. Mayantuyacu is visited each year by a handful of tourists, who come to experience the traditional medicinal practices of the Asháninka people.

Video OF The Boiling River OF The Amazon

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