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Happy Friendship Day 2017 Sms Hindi

Every relation under the sun whether it is friendship, marriage, love, etc. all are built on trust without trust there is no smooth relation to going long way. Life would be miserable without such trust worthy relationship.
The friendship of any kind first starts with a small smile and later goes on with the tastes, interests etc. If you are blessed with a trustful friend whom you share everything in times of happiness as well as sorrow, hope you are the happiest person on the planet.
On this very special day “Friendship Day”, you won’t let this day go without wishing them “Happy friendship day” with happy friendship day SMS, friendship day SMS Bangla, friendship day SMS Hindi, friendship day SMS Hindi etc.
So, for you here we have shared some cool and awesome friendship day SMS in Hindi and happy friendship day SMS Hindi. Do use them as well as share them with your near and dear online as well as offline.

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Sms Bangla & Hindi Wishes Quotes

Prem korle ‘Parishaan’ hoe jai
Biye korle ‘Sharabi’ hoe jai
Divorce dile ‘Devdas’ hoe jai
Aur Friendship korle “Mobbile Te Balance” ses hoe jai!!!
Happy Friendship Day!!!



Tumi akhon bondo…amar khub Dear,
Amakeo rakho tumar… ridoyer Near,
God chara kaoka tumi…karona Fear,
Dekhba kovo jibona tumar…asbena Tear

Bristi veja amar akas,
Monta tai vishon udas,
Udas megher sathe misti kadon,
Dui noyone ojhor srabon,Ami achi jemon temon.Bandhu tumi acho kemon?
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Aai Mon chai sudu tomai Valobasi,
Aai Mon chai sudu tomar kacha Aasi,
Aai Mon chai tumar mukher Akto Hasi,
Aai Mon chai sudu thakte tumar Pasapasi!!!
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Vulte Pari Tomai Aami,
Jeidin Jabo Chole,
Ei Prithibhi Chere Jabo Nilakaser Kole,
Vabbe Sedin Apod Gache,
Besh Hoyeche Jak,
Jala Jantroner Pagol Ta Nil Akasei Tha.
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Quotes on Friendship, Love, Trust & Support this Friendship Day 2017

Every friendship has to have first the trust on one another, this later leads to love and finally support each other. But if there is no trust then nothing would go further whether it is friendship, love relationship or husband and wife relation whatever it would be, TRUST is a must in any relationship. If you have a friend who trusts and supports you, don’t break his/ her trust, ones you lose the trust, you can never regain it. After the huge change in WhatsApp new updates, people would love to share the WhatsApp status about friendship day. So here is the huge collection of Hindi WhatsApp status of friendship day 2017.
On this very special day which is Friendship Day, if you have such trustful friends. You would not let this day go without wishing them or sending an amazing gift to say “Happy Friendship Day” and “Thanks for being My Friend”. So, here we have shared few splendid quotes on friendship and love, friendship day quotes on trust and support, friendship day quotes etc. Do use them as well as share them on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble upon etc to wish your friends who are online.

Quotes on Friendship, Love, Trust & Support this Friendship Day 2017

“A friend is better than a kin
as he shares nothing but your pain and pleasure.”
“Prosperity attracts friends; adversity tests them.”
Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. – Khalil Gibran

Happy Friendship Day Advance E Greetings SMS Hindi 2017

Wishing our Friends “Happy Friendship Day” is the most important thing to do on this festival. For this, most of us may forget due to our regular job schedule and other things, so most of us would send advance happy friendship day SMS in advance to escape from the burning SMS charges, which are even higher on this very day.

Happy Friendship Day Advance E Greetings SMS Hindi 2017

If you are looking for such awesome happy friendship day advance SMS in Hindi, happy friendship day e greetings. You are the perfect web page. Hope your search would end here.
Here we have shared some awesome collection of such greetings.
Do use them as well as share them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Happy Friendship Day Advance E Greetings SMS Hindi 2017

One Heart Talk With Another Heart Is Affection!
One Heart Live With Another Heart Is Love!
Two Hearts Made Like One Heart Is Friendship

Agar kal hum nahi bhi rahe,
Hamari yaadein sada rahengi.
Sirf nazare uthake chaand ko dekhna,
Hamari dosti ki tasvir waha bani rahegi

Making a million Friends is not a Miracle,
D miracle is to make a friend..
who will stand by U when millions are against you.
Wish u a very Happy Friendship Day !

FRIENDSHIP is like a tree…
It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be,
but is on how DEEP the ROOTS HAVE GROWN…

Khusi Ka Pal Ho Tumare Liye Baharo Ka Gulista Ho Tmare Liye
Kamyabi Ki Manjil Ho Tumhare Liye Bas Ek Pyara Sa Dost Banke Rehna Humare Liye

Happy Friendship day Quotes with images pictures photos HD Download Bannes and posters

friendship day image with quote quote image friendship day friendship day image with quote

It is the well-known method to share your thoughts using images. Images give visual effects to human mind so that people appreciate friendship day images wallpapers and banner on which WhatsApp status or quotes and wishes written. So here is the great collection of Happy friendship day banners and poster which people can share with their friends.

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