[Best 101] Halloween Ideas Every One Should Try On Halloween 2017

Needless to say, Halloween has always been our favorite holiday and season of the year! We are always trying to come up with all sorts of spooky new and unusual ways to celebrate it, and pass on any ideas we think worth relaying to others enthusiasts.

In fact, every Fall our friends, family members and those that know us simply as the “Halloween People” start asking us for our best Halloween ideas, suggestions and tips to help make their October 31st. celebration as fun and spooky as possible.


101 Creative And Unique Halloween Ideas For 2017

We’ve tried to fill our web site with as many unique Halloween ideas and decorating tips as possible, from very simple ones to those that are quite elaborate, including all sorts of wonderful Halloween decorations, costume suggestions, pumpkin carving tips, party planning, safety tips and a whole lot more!


Halloween Ideas
Our goal with 101 Halloween Ideas was to create a place that we could share our ideas, tips and tricks with others who love Halloween as much as we do. Many of the ideas come from other online sources, which we always provide a direct link to or due credit. You’ll find simple and inexpensive ways to amp up your Halloween displays and decorations along with things that you may never have thought of doing before. One of the best tips we can offer is to plan well in advance. Creating a written outline of what you want to do will help you be as prepared as possible and avoid last minute problems. But remember, there are only It’sHalloween!.

So, sit back and check out some of our favorite Halloween Ideas!


Halloween Idea 1 : Pumpkin Carving : 

You can carve some truly beautiful and artistic pumpkins freehand, but if you want to create really detailed carvings you’ll want to use a pumpkin carving pattern. If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before, you may be a bit intimidated, but don’t worry, its easier than you think and you’ll love the results.


Halloween Idea 2 : Coffin Decoration

What could be better than a coffin for your main Halloween decoration? Whether you are hosting a Halloween party, haunting your house, building a graveyard in your front yard or simply to add something extra creepy to your front porch to scare for you’re visitors, adding a coffin or casket as a Halloween decoration is like icing on the cake, spooky icing that is.

This coffin is handmade from rough wood to give it an old look. It measures almost six-feet long and looks great with a skeleton, corpse, vampire or other Halloween prop laying inside it. Order early because they are made to order and they do take a while to get them finished.

For those on a budget, Rubie’s Costume Company makes a low-cost, six foot tall cardboard coffin that sells for only thirty dollars. We reinforced our’s on the inside with some strips of good old duct tape to amke it more sturdy. Just remember, this is an inexpensive Halloween prop, you get what you pay for. Check you local Halloween shop, department store or online for availability.


Halloween Idea 3 : graveyard  Tombstone

The first step to creating an impressive Halloween graveyard is to use as many tombstones as you can and are practical for the space you have set aside for your display. Try to buy better quality tombstones of different styles if you can, they look much more realistic than less expensive ones and will last longer since they can take more abuse.

Use dirt to make burial mounds where your tombstones will be. If you have a supply of dirt, you can build up three to six inch high mounds in front of some of the tombstones. Just remember, you’ll need to remove all that extra dirt after Halloween. As a final touch, you can scatter leaves, twigs and branches around the area to give it an untended look.

You can find many different brands of tombstones both on line and off during the Halloween season, use your favorite search engine and take a look! High end tombstones can be bought at the Halloween Connection.


Halloween Idea 4 : Great Halloween Games

If you are having a party for kids or adults, Halloween games can be a great way to keep the party moving smoothly. Anything from bobbing for apples to much more complicated games that everyone will love can be found today! Try this site for printable games such as Halloween crossword puzzles and word finds along with ideas for lots of other Halloween games.

Bobbing for apples is an old tradition that has been up-dated lately because of health concerns. Instead of using a tub of water that everyone is going to get saliva in, take each apple by the stem and tie a thread around it then hang it from the ceiling with a thumb tack. Kids use the same principle, try to bite down and hold an apple in there mouth. If they do, the apple is taken down. This way, each child can try for a fresh apple, no germs are spread and everyone is happy. Everyone that gets an apple, gets a prize to go along with their healthy snack!


Halloween Idea 5 : Horrible Black Lights

Black lights add quite a stunning effect to any suitable Halloween decor! Using black lights, strobe lights and other light effects can really have an impact on the way your Halloween party, haunt or decorations look. Halloween Online has several articles dedicated to using black lights.

A lot of online stores, mass retail stores and Halloween party stores carry many sizes of black light units, plus a full range of fog machines, bubble machines and snow machines as well as other Halloween party supplies, decorations and props. Check your local newspaper or just look around town for Halloween stores to pop up in September. Stores like Spirit and others set up for Halloween sales through September and October.


Halloween Idea 6 : Perfect Halloween costume

Since Halloween comes only once a year, you will want pick the perfect Halloween costume for yourself and/or family members, and its worth spending a little more to really stand out in a crowd. Try to buy your Halloween costumes as early as possible. This gives you the chance to see if they fit and look the way you envisioned them. It also allows you plenty of time to find the right accessories and make-up for your costumes.

In general, most online costume stores have a larger selection of Halloween costumes than brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping online allows you to purchase well in advance of Halloween, avoiding the last-minute crowds and empty shelves, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Only order from reputable stores that actually stock the costumes they offer. They are a full featured Halloween costume store that has a large selection, great prices and wonderful customer service.


Halloween Idea 7 : Great Graveyard Fence

Looking for a quick and easy way to surround your Halloween Graveyard with a spooky looking old fence. Then “Cemetery Fence Halloween Prop” is just the ticket.

Each set includes two separate fence sections, individually measuring about eighteen inches wide by thirty inches high for a total of thirty-six inches in length by thirty inches in height. Individual sections snap together easily allowing you to make a fence just about any shape and size you want. Each set retails for around $20.00. Check your local Halloween store for availability.

You can even use these props to build a small graveyard setting for inside your house or apartment or for your Halloween Office Party.


Halloween Idea 8 : Lightening Effect with yard hunter

Add the effect of lightning to your haunted house, yard haunt or Halloween party with the Lightning Machine from Haunted Creations. This unit realistically simulates the effects of both thunder and lightning! Read a review about this Halloween special effects unit in the lighting section at The Yard Haunter.

Don’t confuse this device with cheap, unrealistic knock-offs. This Lightning Machine was originally designed for commercial haunted attractions where the most bang for the buck was wanted. Since the flash of light from real lightning is seen before we hear the thunder, the method of simulating it must be capable of synchronizing the sound of the thunder and the flash of light generated by a strobe unit. Order early because they never seem to make enough of these and always run out before Halloween. It’s a popular seller.


Halloween Idea 9 : Spider Web Decoration

Add some spider web to your Halloween decorations. Stretchable spider web is a great way to add an extra level of scariness to your home for Halloween. There are all sorts of places that you can add spider webs, such as between porch posts, over your windows, in corners, on furniture, over doorways, between tree limbs, on Halloween decorations.

This stuff can be difficult to work with. Most people don’t stretch the web material out far enough, leaving thick strands and clumps that look unrealistic. The best way is to stretch it out a lot to make very thin veils of spider web. Remember, a little goes a long ways. Read this great article on how to use Stretchable Spider Web at Halloween Online.

You can also hang long strands of clear or white thread on your porch to simulate spider webs as people walk through them.


Halloween Idea 10 : Ghastly Makeup

A vampires pale skin and darkened eyes, a witches sexy eye makeup or a zombies rotting flesh all have one thing in common, makeup. Unless you wear a Halloween mask, just about any Halloween costume persona can be enhanced with complementary makeup.

We always experiment long before Halloween night with the makeup style we intend to use so that all goes well on the big night. Make sure that any makeup you buy is water soluble so that is easy to clean off with just soap and water.

The “Super Makeup Kit” which comes with a twelve color makeup palette, three tubes of cream makeup, one tube of fake blood, glitter gel makeup, fake skin, a makeup sponge, stipple sponge and two sponge/brush applicators.


Halloween Idea 11 : Addams Family 

Dress up the entire clan or your friends as the First Family of Halloween – The Addams Family!

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, the Addams Family!” The Addams Family are truly the first family of Halloween and the most recent incarnation is the “New Addams Family” television series.

Commercially made Halloween costumes are available from The New Addams Family series. Be sure to check out the Addams Family Costume web site for all sorts of specific articles on their costumes, makeup and much more.


Halloween Idea 12 : Fog Machine Magic

Fog machines are now very inexpensive and readily available during the Halloween buying season. Adding one or two to your haunt or party makes a big impact on your Halloween celebration and will add that extra effect to thrill and scare your trick or treaters.

You can sit one on your porch while handing out candy, use a few in your graveyard scene to add that spooky realism of a foggy night in the cemetery, make a fog chiller to make ground fog or use a leach line PVC pipe hidden under leaves to make the fog rise from the ground.


Halloween Idea 13 : Apple taper candle holder

Use apples for taper candle holders. There are so many varieties of apples to choose from at this time of year, you can make a nice display using apples, mini pumpkins candles. Choose apples for the color and size and also by how they sit. Make sure the bottom is relatively flat so that t will sit properly with no chance of tipping over.

You can use an apple corer to make a hole in the center of the top of the apple. For long tapers, go all the way to the bottom of the apple. You can also find a corer that is about the size of a votive candle as well. This works well using mini pumpkins and small gourds, too. You can make a nice autumn center piece for your Halloween party table or Thanksgiving table that will look and smell great!


Halloween Idea 14 : Horrible ghost Stories

Great Halloween party idea, start a circle ghost story! Sit in a circle and start a scary ghost story. Each guest adds on to the story until it reaches a scary ending! Visit the Halloween Ghost Stories site for lots of spooky stories and even a guide to telling them.

This is also fun to do on any autumn night if you have a camp fire burning or in doors by the fireplace with family and a few friends. Having an autumn fire burning just it’s warm glow gives an air of spookiness to ghost stories.

Make the stories age appropriate. You don’t want to be telling some ghastly story to a bunch of 5 years olds! Make sure that the group has some guidelines for the group story telling.


Halloween Idea 15 : Record your memories with camera

Record your Halloween memories with a digital movie camera! Interview some of your trick-or-treaters, party goers, your yard haunt, carved jack-o-lanterns and the like. You’ll be glad you did when you sit down to watch it later!

Have several people take turns using the camera so that everyone can be included if it’s a Halloween party setting. If it’s a haunt, you might want one or two people stationed in different areas to catch the expressions as people walk through. If it’s a kids party, you’ll want to keep up with recording for a few years just for the memories and so they can pass it on to show their kids someday!


Halloween Idea 16 : Candies with personalized wrappers

You can find candy companies on line that will add a personalized wrapper to your candy bars! They are relatively inexpensive and make a great treat to hand out at your yard haunt!

Get them customized with your family name, business name to send out to customers and advertisers or for a special treat at parties, a Halloween wedding, the ideas are endless.

Whether it’s personalized Hershey bars, M&M’s or something from the many small candy companies that you can find online, you’ll find something special that stands out from the rest of the usual Halloween candy and will keep you noticed each Halloween.


Halloween Idea 17 : Ghouls Music instruments

Having a party for little ghouls? Let them make their instruments out of oat meal canisters, tin cans with a lid (put rocks inside), add inexpensive plastic flute, noise makers, kazoos and have the kids start a musical Halloween parade through your neighborhood!

The kids love it and the neighbors will, too! You can have them go up one side of the street, stopping for candy at each house and then back down the other side, with a parent or adult going with them.

They’ll have fun at the party and still get some trick or treating in while entertaining the neighborhood!


Halloween Idea 18 :

An alternative to bobbing for apples is to hang them by their stems with thread from the ceiling and let party goers try to bite them!

It’s much more sanitary when you think about it. Bobbing for apples entails many kids all trying to bite onto an apple floating in water. All that saliva is full of germs! No wonder kids get colds so often after a Halloween party that includes bobbing for apples.

This way, you tie a thread to each apple and use a thumbtack to hang them from the ceiling. Once an apple has been bitten, remove it. If the child tried to bit some with no luck, you can quickly clean them off using a paper towel and a fruit & veggie cleaner!


Halloween Idea 19 : Goth rosary jewelry

Check out the GothRosary.com for some very interesting ways to get the scents of the season in your home and on you! Anti Sally makes all these potions herself, she also makes Goth rosary jewelry as well. Nothing is animal tested and everything is made with natural ingredients.

You’ll find some wonderful scents for Halloween like Graveyard, Funeral Flowers, Heathen, Shadows, Wicked, Hexing and Vanilla Hell. You can purchase a sampler pack of scents so you can find the one that’s “you”. She makes perfume oils, body sprays, shampoo, lotion, candles, hand sanitizer and even deodorant that all match each scent. Her prices are very reasonable so you’ll be able to pick up a few different scents to wear that will really put you in an autumn and Halloween mood!


Halloween Idea 20 : Pumpkin Carving Contest For Kids

Have a pumpkin carving contest for your kids and their friends. Buy a few small to medium sized pumpkins and give prizes for the most creative. There are many pumpkin carving kits out there and some are made especially for kids, with tools that won’t hurt skin or cause cuts. You can also use paints as an alternative.

Make a party out of it and hold it on the week end before Halloween. Have a small variety of treats set up during “break time” when you give the kids a break from decorating or carving. Check out this article on how to throw a pumpkin carving party. This is fun for adults as well as kids. Everyone likes to carve pumpkins for Halloween! And don’t forget to save the seeds for roasting


Halloween Idea 21 : Creative decoration

Make a scarecrow for your front porch or yard to great your trick or treaters. Surround it with a scary or autumn scene to really make it stand out!

Stuff jeans and an old shirt with newspaper, use a stuffed mask or plastic pumpkin for the head. Add some straw for effect. If you want to go more horror themed, use one of the many latex scarecrow masks that can be found. There are some very creepy ones that would look great with this set-up!

You may want to sew the shirt to the pants like we did for our scarecrow. It keeps it from coming apart and makes it easier to stuff. We used fiberfill, like the stuff used for pillows, to stuff ours. We also attached a pair of old work boots to the bottom of the pant legs. When done, we sat him on our porch swing and there he still sits!


Halloween Idea 22 : Ghostly party table with creativity

Use mini ears of Indian corn, mini pumpkins and gourds to embellish your Halloween party table. They make excellent arrangements for an autumn table as well.

Find a cornucopia or “horn of plenty” basket at any craft store or mass market retailer that sells Halloween and autumn decorations. Fill it with any little things that you want, such as mini gourds, mini pumpkins, mini Indian corn, pine cones, small wheat stalks and other items that you find for an autumn table. Some stores carry bags of mini gourds and pumpkins to be used for decoration right in the vegetable section! You can even add a few apples but they will soil after a while so keep an eye on them!


Halloween Idea 23 : helium balloons

Tie small glow sticks to string attached to helium balloons and let them sail over your house for spooky lights in the sky. Make sure to tie off the strings to something solid so they do ‘t get away! Check out this Goblin Light article on how we make them every year.

You need high intensity glow sticks so you can see them hanging brightly in the sky above your house. There are some companies that make these and they last extra long. Try looking for sporting goods or survival goods stores that use them for emergency lighting.

You can pick up the balloons and helium tank at most craft stores.


Halloween Idea 24 : Black lights add an eerie touch

Black lights add an eerie touch to your party or haunt. You can find them all year long at hardware stores but they really come out at Halloween season. Most stores that carry Halloween supplies will have black lights.

Use the actual florescent lights as opposed to screw in bulbs which are not a true U.V. light.

You can put together your own at a hardware store by buying a florescent light fixture and a florescent U.V. black light tube. If you want a really long one, this is the way to go!


Halloween Idea 25 : smoking cauldron

To make a simple “smoking cauldron” use a plastic cauldron partially filled with hot water, then add some dry ice and a glow stick. Use this to create an eerie centerpiece for your table or on a porch.

We have some tree stumps in our yard that we cut off, leaving them a couple feet high, which come in handy for setting these on for Halloween night.

Check out this article for lots of ideas on uses for dry ice in your Halloween decorations and haunt. Just be VERY CAREFUL handling the dry ice! It can burn skin very easily. Always wear a pair of heavy leather workman’s gloves so you don’t burn the palms of your hands or get frost bitten!


Halloween Idea 26 : Ghostly Prizes For Halloween game winner

Games can really hold a kids Halloween party together and keep it from being a flop! Give prizes to each winner of each game, they don’t have to be fancy. Check out the Halloween aisle at mass market stores like Wal-mart and you’ll find bags of inexpensive Halloween items to use as prizes, like little puzzles, rings, toys and such.

Make sure to have lots of entertaining games ready to go. The classic “Hal O. Ween and his Squishy Body” is a great one, you’ll find the instructions to it and more here. Have the kids play a game, then maybe carve pumpkins, then another game and your child’s party will be the hit of Halloween!


Halloween Idea 27 : Right Choice of Pumpkin for carving

Pumpkins come in so many shapes, sizes and colors now! It’s hard to choose just which ones you want but you have to remember that you should pick them out by need. When choosing a pumpkin to carve for Halloween, make sure that you find one that fits the carving idea you have.

If you are using a carving kit that uses chisels, almost like carving wood, so the light glows through the flesh of the pumpkin to show a design then you’ll need a thick walled heavy pumpkin. You might even want to use a white pumpkin for effect.

If using a template, make sure that it will fit. Visit Pumpkin Carving 101 for lots of pumpkin carving information.


Halloween Idea 28 : Pumpkin carving kit

Make your own pumpkin carving kit by using things from around the house, like an ice cream spade, to clean out the inside of your pumpkin. An ice cream scoop with teeth on the edges really cut down on the cleaning time of gutting the pumpkin and a large kitchen spoon helps keep your hands clean if you scoop it out with that.

You can also go to a dollar store and buy some inexpensive knives and sharpen them to use for cutting open the top and carving the design. Any type from a large chef’s knife to a thin filleting knife will have a purpose.


Halloween Idea 29 : Storage tools for pumpkin carving

Now that you have a nice set of tools just for carving pumpkins, you need a proper storage box to keep them in! We picked up this great tool box that just happened to be orange and it makes the perfect carving tool kit.

After use, make sure to wash and clean all of your tools and put them back in the tool box so you’ll know where to find them the next Halloween. Have any of the knives sharpened and you’ll be all set for carving! You can also pick up a few pumpkin carving and stencil kits at after Halloween sales and use them the following year.

Those kits are great for collecting the tiny saws, punches and other tools that you need to do stencil carving.


Halloween Idea 30 : DIY Pumpkin carving with stencils

You can make your own pumpkin carving stencils from clip art and your printer. Find something simple that you like, make a negative of it and print it out! For more complete instructions on making your own stencils visit this site to learn how!

Keep in mind, when buying your carving pumpkins, the sizes that you’ll need to go with the stencils that you want to use. You can get them enlarged at some office supply stores that can do copy enlarging in black and white.

You should choose a simple picture of clipart to use as your stencil, use a pumpkin carving set to carve.


Halloween Idea 31 : Seeds of Pumpkin

Keep your pumpkin seeds when gutting your pumpkin so you can roast them up later for a fun Halloween treat! Not only is it a taste of nostalgia for you to give your kids but you’ll enjoy them yourself. Roasted pumpkin seeds have been a tradition for a long, long time.

They are also nutritious, they are high in fiber, oleic acid, the amino acids tryptophan and glutamate, vitamin E, Niacin and essential minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium.


Halloween Idea 32 : Horror Keyboard Fonts

There are a ton of Halloween and horror related fonts out there to use on your computer and many of them are shareware. Use them to dress up invitations and make banners for your party. You can also make count down calendars for Halloween. Even letters at Halloween time can be written on Halloween border paper with Halloween fonts.

Try this site for a great selection for downloadable Halloween and scary fonts that can be used for all types for projects. Let the kids help design the invitations for their Halloween party using Scary fonts and Halloween clipart that you can find at other sites or may already have on your computer. Some card making programs, like Hallmark, have a great selection of Halloween graphics in them.


Halloween Idea 33 : Horror Nail Art

Decorate yourself for Halloween!! Paint Halloween nails in candy corn colors or black and orange . It’s easy to do even for a non-professional. Everything you need, you can pick up at a local drug store or mass market retailers like Wal-mart. You’ll need French Tip strips, choose the straight ones for toe nails. Choose an orange and black polish, for the candy corn, add a white and yellow. make your strips diagonal or straight across.

You can apply your own acrylic nails are have a set put on professionally. Long, curvy ones look nice for Halloween but some people have a hard time using them so you can use shorter nails. It basically depends on how you like your nails. I like mine long and claw-like. For more detailed info on how to do these nail designs and where to find more ideas, click here!


Halloween Idea 34 : Fake blood

There are many types of fake blood and what better time of year to use them! You can make you own out of a traditional recipe that’s been used for years but tends to stain anything it comes into contact with that’s made from household items like Karo syrup and food coloring.

It’s sticky and the food coloring stains unless you apply petroleum jelly to any areas of flesh that it will cover and it will stain any clothing you might splash it on. While it’s an easy alternative to fake blood, there are many types on the market that do not stain and come off easily with cold cream or makeup remover. The choice is yours! The best retail blood can be found at DearBloodyMary.com, a site owned by Hollywood makeup artist Bobbie Weiner. The texture is nice, it isn’t sticky and it doesn’t stain.


Halloween Idea 35 : Balloons with led light

You can now buy balloons that contain a very small battery powered LED light inside. These typically have three modes, slow blink, fast blink, and constant on, and stay lit for up to ten hours. Filled with helium and tethered via fishing line, the balloon will float over your house just about all night long. Plus, the balloons are available in orange.


While this looks different from our Goblin Lights (idea #23), it is a really cool looking effect! Check your local party supply store for this type of balloon. For a do-it-yourself version, place a lighted glow stick in a balloon before you fill it with helium and tie it off. Do the same as Goblin Lights and let it float.


Halloween Idea 36 : Game idea

For a great Halloween party game, get everyone to sit in a circle or a straight line. The first person whispers a one line sentence like ” The wicked witch wore a black dress with a red hat and purple shoes to the Witch’s Ball.” into the ear of the person next to them. Each person does the same until you get to the last person, who repeats the line out loud.

Just listen to how much the sentence has changed as it’s gone from person to person. It seems that no one can remember or repeat a sentence exactly like it was told to them. Oh, it may happen once in a blue moon but it’s much more fun to see how distorted the sentence will be! “The mean witch had a red dress and purple pants to go with her black ball.” is more likely how the last person will get it!


Halloween Idea 37 : Use jack-o-lanterns to light the stairs

If you have porch steps, make sure they are easy to navigate for your trick or treat guests. Use jack-o-lanterns to light the stairs. Put a high intensity glow stick inside for light. Make sure that your porch is well lit.

If you have set up a display on your porch that needs to be more dark than light, set up a spot light to hit the stairs to make them easy to navigate. If you have a weatherproof runner on your porch steps, make sure that it is nailed down properly. That last thing you want is for someone to trip on the stairs and fall down. It may ruin everyone’s Halloween if someone gets hurt badly or they are into law suites. Safety first for a happy Halloween!


Halloween Idea 38 : Dry ice for temporary fog

While it might make a great effect to use dry ice in a punch bowl, keep in mind just how dangerous it can be! Any pieces or chips from a block of dry ice can get into the drinks which can cause serious internal damage and severe injury if ingested. Instead, make a separate cauldron with dry ice in it for an effect

Make a separate bowl for punch or anything that people will be drinking. You can still do some cool effects using light from below the punch bowl. By using a light source and a black base, you can light up a clear punch bowl and it looks very cool! The color depends on what type of punch you use. It’s simple to do, just click here for the instructions!


Halloween Idea 39 : Check Everything before use Safety 

While most stories of tainted Halloween treats are urban legends, you should instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you. Some fire stations and hospitals offer X-raying for free to check for foreign articles in candy, check with your local agencies. You can look it over yourself and check for any rips, tears or pin holes that look suspicious.

The very few incidents that have happened took place around 15 to 20 years ago and were done by family members in order to collect insurance money or to harm a child in the family. Do search under newspaper articles to track down the real events. You’ll find that the few that did happen spawned a legend that lives to this day. You never can be too careful, so do a candy check just the same.


Halloween Idea 40 : Children Costumes with flash light

Halloween style flashlights make a great addition to your child’s costume and can add extra safety to a dark night, helping to make your child more visible while trick or treating. You can find ghosts, skulls and many more designs at low prices. Be sure to use long lasting batteries.

You can also use glow sticks and glow jewelry to keep them visible. Reflective tape in stripes on their back helps, too. Anything that you can do to make your kids more visible helps. If you are taking a group of kids out, why not have them all carry a battery powered Halloween lantern that can be found at most places that sell Halloween decorations.


Halloween Idea 41 : Haunt

If you are having a working home haunt that people will be walking through, it’s a good idea to check with your home owners insurance company to make sure you’re covered you should there be an accident. You may want extra coverage for how ever long you’ll have your home haunt open.

Most insurance companies that deal with home owners insurance can provide a rider to your insurance that covers special events, in this case your Halloween haunt, against any liabilities like someone falling down, or getting hurt somehow that could result in you being sued. It can be a costly add-on but for a few nights, it’s worth adding it. It could save you much more in the long run! Contact your local agent and find out.


Halloween Idea 42 : Fire retardant costumes is must

Make sure that any store bought costume has been treated with a fire retardant. Nylon, polyester and other materials used to make mass produced Halloween costumes can be highly flammable if not treated with a flame retardant. Those made out of vinyl can be particularly hazardous because rather than burn, they melt.

If you have any doubt about a costume that you buy, when you get it home, try cutting a small piece of material off an inner seam and do a burn test on it. See if it burns and how fast when you put a match to it. If you are going to sew a costume at home, see if you can get a small swatch of the material before you buy it and do the same test on it.


Halloween Idea 43 : Pumpkin farms

Instead of buying your pumpkins in a grocery store, check your local phone book and newspaper for pumpkin farms in your area. Make a week-end trip with your kids and let them pick out their own pumpkins! Not only are pumpkins usually less expensive at farms or stands but you have the pleasure of picking out the one you want and cutting it off the vine yourself. You can’t get a fresher pumpkin than that!

Most pumpkin farms set up a carnival-like area for the kiddies at this time of year with rides, games and some great food! Click here to read an article about our trip to a pumpkin farm and see how fun it can be! If you live in the mid-west and eastern parts of the country you’ll be more likely to find them. The desert southwest isn’t the best place for growing pumpkins but you’re in luck if you live in California.


Halloween Idea 44 : Horror Movies with friends

Why watch scary movies all alone? Have a Halloween film festival every weekend in October. Watch a scary film, an old classic or a newer horror movie. Make some popcorn, invite friends over!

Don’t invite more people than your viewing area can handle. Make it a small group of close friends, if there’s not enough couch space, put some big pillows on the floor for people to flop on. Set a time for viewing, like 3 or 4 hours. That give you time for two movies and a break in between to enjoy some pizza or snacks. Make sure that you have a variety of movies to choose from so everyone agrees on what to watch. If the first movie has a good sequel, make that the second movie for the night.


Halloween Idea 45 : Vampire Couple

If you and your significant other are going out together on Halloween, why not pick couples costumes? Some costumes ideas include Frankenstein and his bride, a vampire couple, a ghostly bride and groom. There are a ton of costumes ideas to choose from!

Click here for all kinds of costume ideas for couples, singles, kids, babies, pets and anything else you can think of dressing up in a costume for Halloween. Some people like to dress the same every year, they have the perfect costume all set up and that’s fine. But maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort range and be something completely different then you’ve ever been before and it’s more fun to do with someone you love!


Halloween Idea 46 : Grow your own scary pumpkin

If you live in a more rural area or have the yard space, grow your own pumpkins for carving! It’s a tricky business that can become addicting. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll want to try and grow some record sized pumpkins. There are contests all over the country for the biggest pumpkin grown and it seems like every year they get bigger!

It’s something that you can get your kids involved in and they’ll enjoy carving a pumpkin that they helped grow. If you set up a yard haunt or a fake pumpkin patch, you can use the dried out leaves and vines as part of your setting. Make sure that you start the growing process to time with Halloween.


Halloween Idea 47 : tombstones

You can make very simple tombstones that will add a lot to your yard haunt or Halloween party using a few items from the hardware or craft store. You’ll need some Styrofoam sheets that are no less than two inches thick, cutting tools, acrylic paints, carving tools and some artistic sense.

We made some very simple ones on our first try, many years ago and in a dark haunted scene they looked just fine. You can get really creative and build a mausoleum or large monument type tombstones if you want put some work into them. They can be fun to make and really get your creativity flowing!


Halloween Idea 48 : giant Halloween beacon

If you live off the beaten path, build a giant Halloween beacon to draw trick or treaters to your house. Its easy to make using a large plastic jack-o-lantern, some ABS pipe and a few assorted attachment pieces. This light really stands out!

You can make it as tall as you want or you can make two smaller ones and use them on either side of your driveway to welcome visitors. If you live in a more rural area, you’ll want it to be seen far and wide, so you’ll have to decide how tall you want it to be once it’s on your roof.


Halloween Idea 49 : Halloween photo frames

You can make some beautiful Halloween photo frames to put your Halloween memories in and display for all to see! All you need are some inexpensive picture frames, black and orange acrylic paint and crackle coat for acrylic paint and sponge paint applicators. Once you do them for Halloween, you’ll want to make them for every holiday!

Use a multi picture frame that holds eight to ten pictures and add year by year pictures of your kids or of yourself in different costumes. If you have a grandparent that would love to see their grandchild dressed in their Halloween costume, make a single frame just special for them! Easy, fast and you’ll love them! Learn how here! You’ll find a whole list of Halloween crafts to inspire you!


Halloween Idea 50 : Homemade Treats for Guests

Bag candy is fine for all the trick or treaters that you may have but what about making some homemade treats to hand out to kids that you know? You can make a batch of caramel apples, pop corn balls or other sweet treats! Home made is always better!

Just make sure that you only give out home made treats to people that you know or they may end up in the trash. Strangers would be leery of a home made treat but family friends won’t be. These are also great treats to make for a Halloween party for kids or adults. If you don’t want to make them for a party or to hand out, just make some treats for your family! Nothing says Autumn like a juicy caramel apple or caramel corn!


Halloween Idea 51 : Fog chiller from PVC pipe

To make the fog from your fog machine lay on the ground, build an inexpensive fog chiller from PVC pipe and an old cooler. It makes a great effect for your yard haunt and it’s fairly inexpensive to do. What happens is the warm fog is chilled on it’s way through the cooler which makes it lay on the ground and roll across the area it is directed to.

If you have a grave yard set up, you can use a long piece of perforated PVC pipe and cover it with leaves. It makes it look like the fog is coming up from the ground, through the dirt and leaves. It really gives your haunted grave yard a creepy look!


Halloween Idea 52 : Skeleton hanging from tree

What would Halloween be with a skeleton hanging from the porch or a sitting under a tree? Bucky Skeletons are economical articulated adult size hard plastic skeleton that are made by a medical company and sold as factory seconds because of blemishes or imperfections. Other then surface marks or a slightly bent bone, they are just fine and such fun to use.

Unlike the paper or cheap plastic skeletons these look very real and you can buy this time of the year. So, add a skeleton or two to your haunt or party. Bucky’s have been around for years and people love them! You can do so many things with them to add some extra spice to your Halloween haunt or decorations. You can find these inexpensive medical seconds year round by clicking here.


Halloween Idea 53 : Various uses of black light

Black lights have been in use for decades for things like lighting up posters, used in special effects at amusement parks and anywhere that wants to make things really show up in bright colors. You can buy special UV paint that glows under a black light to decorate your haunt and give it a 3-D effect.

Anything white will stand out on it’s own under a black light. You can now find makeup, nail polish, hair spray, clothing and many other things that are made specifically to glow under a black light. Liven up your black light effects by using some florescent paint, cosmetics and material to show off the glow! Some great effects can be created with some black paint and fluorescent paint that will really impress your guests! Click here to learn more about fun with black lights!


Halloween Idea 54 : Collectable toys

You can find all kinds of collectable toys at this time of year from Mattel, McFarlane, Sideshow Toys and others! If you are into collecting anything from horror film action figures to Barbie dolls, you’ll find special editions that come out around Halloween time. Over the past 20 years a multitude of small companies have come and gone, producing toys like “Living Dead Dolls”, “Garbage Pail Kids”, reproductions of toys from the 50’s and 60’s like the “Big Daddy Roth Rat Fink” collectables.

They all make great gifts for that special someone in your life or for yourself if you collect them. Some are no longer available and some can still be found but we found a lot of childhood memories here to entertain us.


Halloween Idea 55 : Halloween Night viewing websites

Hook a web cam up to your computer and run it through the internet and set up a Halloween night viewing site! You can do it for your Halloween party or at your front door to let people see the trick-or-treaters that come to your house.

This is a great way to let family members that may be scattered across the country to see you and your family on Halloween night! You can also use services like Skype to talk and see at the same time so grandparents can see their grandkids in costume real time before you take them out for trick-or-treating. With technology the way it is today, there’s no reason that someone in Bora Bora shouldn’t be able to join in your Halloween fun in the U.S. with the simple hook up of a web cam!


Halloween Idea 56 : Bang bang music system for party

Set a boom-box or portable stereo system on your roof and play some spooky mood music! Many rock, theme and haunted sounds CD’s can be found at this time of year! Music can add the perfect mood to your haunt or party. Try some oldies hits, some new mood music or sound effects. Here’s a few examples!

It’s a great way to greet the kids that come to your door on Halloween night or for your Halloween party guests to hear the rockin’ sounds as they arrive. You can use this if you are having an out door party in the back yard as well, just set it in an out of the way place and let someone DJ for the night. Whether you use a laptop and speakers or a stereo system, enjoy the Halloween tunes!


Halloween Idea 57 : Old pictures of halloween

Photographs make memories to keep, something that you can look at and remember the great times you’ve had. Take lots of Halloween photos of your family, friends and party guests. If you have a party, leave disposable cameras around so everyone can catch candid shots! Remember, digital isn’t the only way to go!

People now use their cell phones and digital cameras to take pictures more than any other type of camera but film cameras do still exists and some people prefer the look of film. Whatever type you use, post them online for your friends and family to see that may not live in your area. It keeps you in touch with loved ones, which is getting harder to do every day in this busy world.


Halloween Idea 58 : Party costume code with masks

Make your Halloween party a theme party. Every one must dress as the theme, such as pirates, vampires, zombies, witches, etc. When you decide what theme to do, send out invites explaining what your party is all about. You can throw one every year and change the genre each year. While you may want everyone to come as a pirate, it’s interesting to see the different costume ideas that your guests come up with.

Have a Halloween costume contest at your party! Give prizes out for the best imagination used, the silliest and the least Halloween themed costumes! Click here for the perfect Halloween party planning! You’ll find all kinds of ideas for adult and children’s Halloween parties.


Halloween Idea 59 : Collective pumpkin carving night

Have a pumpkin carving night with your friends or family. Send out invitations, you can supply the pumpkins or have it B.Y.O.P. (bring your own pumpkin). Have some seasonal homemade treats ready for your group to enjoy when you all take a carving break.

You can do them free hand or use stencils, you’ll want to have a good supply of carving tools for everyone to use and a large area all set up for gutting and carving the pumpkins. If you have nice weather, hold it in the afternoon outside.

This is great for a kids party, you can give prizes out to the most creative!


Halloween Idea 60 : Special horror doorbell

If you have a plain door bell, why not spice it up for Halloween by replacing it with a programmable one. You can use recorded music, a spooky voice or whatever you want to set the mood! Anything from dogs barking to screams can be recorded on to this battery operated door bell and ringer. No wires are attached, just put in batteries and hang them up. You can find them in hardware stores and online and they are so easy to install, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add one to use year round.

You can use any type of music or sound so have your Halloween guests greeted with a scary voice, chains rattling or screams. During other holidays you can change the sound to Christmas carols, a turkey gobbling sound, what ever to fits the occasion.



Halloween Idea 61 : Banners and Flags

If you want to display your Halloween spirit on the outside of your house, why not hang out a banner or flag on October 1st?You can find all kinds of Halloween flags and banner during the Halloween season. Hang one or two up around your house to show your Halloween spirit! You can find all kinds of flags and banners at local mass retailers and arts and crafts stores like Michael’s that get the Halloween stuff out early.
If you have a flag pole why not fly Old Glory and hang a Halloween flag right under it? We found a very cool black flag with a Jack-O-lantern on it. Unfortunately the wind is strong where we live and there is nothing left of it but a foot of faded black nylon. Next time, I’ll use clear nylon thread and sew the seams on it a few times to reinforce them!


Halloween Idea 62 : Front door decoration

Make some Halloween wreaths to hang on your front door and around the inside of your house. They are simple to make and fun to do! You can find everything you need at any arts and crafts store or even places like Wal-mart! Just remember to have plenty of glue sticks for your glue gun and pick up some glow-in-the-dark sticks for some extra fun!
You can make a multitude of Halloween crafts that you can do by yourself or have the kids join in for some family time. Click here for plenty of ideas including Halloween and Autumn wreaths that will dress your home and doors with color!


Halloween Idea 63 : Ideas for small space houses

We had a friend that sold her house and was moving into an apartment. She loves Halloween and would always decorate her home and yard. Now that she’d be living in an apartment complex she wondered what she could still do for Halloween and we came up with this idea for her. Click here to see what we did.
If you live in a small apartment, there’s no reason why you can set up some nice life sized diorama-like scenes around if you make the right use of the space you have!  It’s easy and you may have most of what you need if you are one to decorate for Halloween. If not, you can buy the basics at most mass market retailers, any local Halloween store or arts and crafts store.


Halloween Idea 64 : plan to visit other country to see how they celebrates Halloween

Halloween celebrations are going on all over the country, this is a good time to visit cities like New Orleans and  Salem, Mass. If you live close by, join in the festivities! Don’t forget to check out your local haunts like the Jaycees and other charitable haunts! Autumn is the perfect time to drive along the East coast and see the wonderful colors as the leaves change.
Click here read about the 13 Spookiest Places to visit in the United States. This is the perfect time to take a vacation! It’s off season and prices for planes, hotels and car rentals are less expensive. Maybe you’ll find a few that are close enough for you to drive


Halloween Idea 65 : Strobe light and Fog machine at yard

Adding a strobe light to your yard haunt can really jazz it up! Use it along with a fog machine for extra effect! Read more about using lighting effects by clicking here. You’ll find all sorts of ideas for strobe lights, black lights and colored lighting to dress up your house and haunt for Halloween.
Using strobe lights timed with a CD player to make a thunderstorm effect is very cool and you can find many companies making lightning effect machines now. Check out any seasonal Halloween stores that may open in your area or mass market retailer where you can find them.
Any spooky lighting makes a great addition to your haunt!

Halloween Idea 66 : Skeleton decoration

Tired of a plain old skeleton? Turn him into a vampire! Using an inexpensive cardboard coffin and some prop clothing, your skeleton can become the corpse on the undead!
They make great props and you can do so many things with skeletons, you need to have a few to add some fun to your haunt. You can also dress them up like scare crows, replace the head with a lighted, hard plastic Jack-O-Lantern and dress it up for a super scary creature to put in your graveyard!
Skeletons can add so much to a haunt and you can do so many things with them!

Halloween Idea 67 : Skeleton decoration with lighting

You can easily build a rotting corpse out of a cheap plastic skeleton using paper towel, spray glue, spray foam insulation and a little more. It’ll add some life to your Halloween haunt! You’ll find a very interesting article by clicking here to find out just how to do it.
It’s a fun project and looks very life-like when finished. It looks like he’s been in the ground for decades and you can also dress him up with worn, torn, dirty clothes to add to the look. Put him in your graveyard in a half open grave and you’ll hear some screams from your guests! Make sure and add some spooky lighting, from the idea above, to make him stand out! It’s a fun project that will give you a feeling of “Hey, I made that!” when people compliment you on it.

Halloween Idea 68 : Skelebones costume

At a loss for a costume idea? A quick and easy costume is the Totally Skelebones skeleton costume that is readily available during Halloween season. It’s a great costume for everyone, it comes in colors and glow in the dark, which is great under a black light!
When you put this costume on, for some reason, it makes you just want to act kooky!  You’ll have lots of fun with this one! It’s great for using in a haunted house. Dress up a few people in this costume and then use a black background. Have a black light ready to turn on when people walk in and they’ll be surrounded by glowing skeletons. It’s such a versatile costume, you’ll love it!!

Halloween Idea 69 : Dress your pats horrible

Dress your pets up for Halloween! Lots of cool costumes are available for them. But only do this if they like it, don’t force your pet to do anything that seems to bother them! See more here!
If you are having a party or a lot of trick or treaters, be sure to put nervous pets in a bedroom or someplace where they won’t be startled by all the noise. Some pets don’t appreciate Halloween. You don’t want your dog or at to run out an open door or be frightened by party guests. It’s much better to put them in a room for the evening with food, water and a litter box (for cats).
Some dogs don’t mind being in the spotlight and will love being dressed up and shown off for Halloween!

Halloween Idea 70 :

Do an “ultimate” costume this year, be it vampire, zombie, grim reaper or mummy. You’ll find step by step instructions how to go all out using contacts, fangs, latex prosthetics, and high end costumes.
If you are having a Halloween party or going to one, you’ll be all set to win first prize for best costume with the ideas you’ll find, not only for the ideas mentioned above, there’s a whole listing of costume ideas to put you in the spot light!
Be the hit of any party with the right costume and makeup to go along with it!


Halloween Idea 71 : Dessert

A tasty treat can be made using simple marshmallows, melted white chocolate and sucker sticks. They’re called Ghosts on a Stick but if you drizzle the chocolate round and round them, you can make Mummies on a stick. Use green chocolate and you’ve got Monsters on a Stick. They are easy to make and you can adapt them any way you want.

Check this article out for the rest of the recipe and check out the site for lots of Halloween tasty treats! Traditional treats really bring back seasonal holiday memories and Halloween treats seem to start off the year with caramel corn, candies apples, caramel apples, pop corn balls and so much more.


Halloween Idea 72 : Scrape Book or Photo Dislplay

Wonder what to do with all those Halloween pictures, old and new? Scan them and make a scrap book or photo display. Scrap booking is a great way to preserve memories in a non-photo book way. They add more character to photos by making special little books full of memories.

If you are not familiar with scrap booking, go here for more info! Once you get started, you’ll want to make up special books for all occasions! We know some people that have actually turned it into a business, trying photos from people, making copies of course, and making a beautiful scrap book of a special time in their lives. It’s a fun way to keep your photo memories intact in a book form and looks so much better than a plain photo album.

Halloween Idea 73 : Absolute Unique Halloween Haunt Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to make your Halloween haunt the absolute best? There are quite a few books out there, some great, some not so great. Check websites like Amazon.com for how-to books. Before you buy make sure and read the reviews on each book. They are a good indicator as to how good a book is or isn’t.

You might also try your local book store and see if they carry any kind of books on setting up a haunted house. Some book stores have whole Halloween related sections now. You’ll find books on arts and crafts for Halloween, home and professional haunting, costumes how-to’s and many more. There are so many little Halloween recipe books you see at grocery store check outs, be careful! Most of them have the same things in them year after year with a new cover. Always leaf through before you buy!

Halloween Idea 74 : The Social Media

Sitting around with nothing to do, wanting to surf personal Halloween sites but tired of looking at the thousands of search links? Try a web site specific site that has only Halloween links, like this one! Over the years, it seems like even though Halloween is getting more popular, there are less personal sites to see.

People need to jump back on the personal website wagon and start showing what they do for Halloween! In a world of Facebook, MySpace, Pintrest and all the other social sites out there, people are getting away from making their own sites and relying on these sites to talk about them selves, show off their pictures and such. Give me a good old personal website any day!


Halloween Idea 75 : Cinderella, Snowball, or Atlantic Giant

Add some color to your jack-o-lantern display by using some of the many varieties of pumpkins that are out there. Try out the Cinderella, Snowball, or Atlantic Giant. Some grocery stores and other stores that sell pumpkins are getting some of these varieties in stock but a pumpkin farm is your best bet. If there aren’t any in your area, look for a pumpkin lot to set up. They sometimes carry other varieties of pumpkins like the ones above.

In case you didn’t know about these other types of pumpkins you can get more info if you check here! You’ll find a listing of just about every pumpkin variety there is along with all kinds of pumpkin information on growing your own.


Halloween Idea 76 : skulls and bones

Add some skulls and bones to your grave yard haunt or to any Halloween display. Place random piles of bones and the occasional skull around and it can really set off your graveyard or walk way. There are so many things that you can do with random bones and skulls to dress up not only your haunt but your home Halloween decor.

If you have a fireplace, add a pile on either side. You can tie leg bones together and make long strings of them to hang up in a door way as a curtain. You can visit this site for more ideas as well since it’s dedicated to Halloween Skeletons!


Halloween Idea 77 : Shop to buy iteams

Look in unusual places for unique Halloween decor! Try places like Avon, that has a surprisingly big line of Halloween items each year. The cover to the right is for their campaign 19 Halloween 2017 sale and can all items can be found on line by clicking here right now! This book’s items are available until 10-03-2017. Contact your local Avon Ind. Rep for more info if you don’t want to order on line.

This year they have everything from glow in the dark slippers, stuffed animated toys, jewelry, door greeters and a couple of cute baby costumes to the usual Halloween hand lotion and lip moisturizer. You’ll also find some Thanksgiving things there, too. Avon has really dropped it’s prices to help out during these trying financial times so check them out if you haven’t in a while!


Halloween Idea 78 : Decorate it with spider web and giant spider

You can buy large rope spider webs and giant spiders at most Halloween stores, like the one at right. It’s black but we sprayed it with glow-in-the-dark hair spray and put a black light over it to make it glow. you can attach spiders all over it and spray them if you like, our buy plastic spiders and some day glow paint to paint them. That shows up very well under a black light.

Click here and check out the Creepy Cobweb section to see some great things to do with large spider webs and even the pull apart web that comes in bags. People just don’t like spiders and adding something like this to your decorations will really put a scare into them!


Halloween Idea 79 : E-cards and Post cards

Sending Halloween cards and post cards has been a long tradition that is dying out. Even though the stores are full of Halloween cards they aren’t being sent out like they used to be and we need to do something about that!

There are a multitude of Halloween cards to be found at this time of year, make sure you send cards to friends and family! You can buy them or make them yourself with your computer and a card making program or if you don’t send snail mail cards, send e-cards instead! Here’s a good place to start! It lets people that may be far away from you know that you are thinking about them during the Halloween season.


Halloween Idea 80 : artificial ravens and crows (Trees)

Add artificial ravens and crows to the tops of tombstones, in the trees, anywhere they can sit and stare at your visitors. You can find them at most arts and crafts stores, department type stores, just about everywhere! You’ll also find owls and other birds like vultures that you can add for more ambiance.

You can find some that come with eyes that light up red by using a small battery pack inside. They make a creepy looking addition to your yard haunt or just to the decorations on your porch. If you have a Halloween tree, you can add them to that as well.

You’ll also find rats, cats and other Halloween related creatures that are life-like and go great in scenes.


Halloween Idea 81 : Bury your jack o lantern

Do you throw away your jack-o-lanterns when they start to rot? It seems such a shame to just toss them out with the trash after you sent so much time carving and enjoying them. Why not start a tradition of burying them instead!
Make a ceremony, get the whole family together and honor the pumpkins that gave their lives for your Halloween! If you have a back yard, this works well, the neighbors won’t think you’re a little off! We dig a hole big enough to hold all of our Jack-O-Lanterns and have a headstone that we made that is up all year. We bury them in the same place each year. We are hoping that someday maybe a few pumpkins will start growing from any left over seeds inside one of them.


Halloween Idea 82 : find the pumpkins (Game)

For a simple party game, buy a bunch of mini pumpkins and play “find the pumpkins”. If you are doing this for one child, you can number them and tell them that they have to find them in order. You can leave a clue written on the pumpkin or on a piece of paper to give them a hint where to find the next one. If they find one out of order, they have to leave it and come back to it later.
Have an “Easter Egg” type hunt, hide a bunch of them, the amount will depend on how many participants there are, and who ever finds the most wins a prize. Set a time limit for how long they have to look. Draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on it and who ever finds that one gets an extra prize. Hide them all over the house and yard and the person who finds the most wins a prize! For more game ideas, try here!


Halloween Idea 83 : Store some Decorations for discount

Be sure and save some of your Halloween spending money for those day after Halloween sales! You can pick up all kinds of things that you’ll be able to use next year at discounted prices! Pick up things that you might need like paper goods for parties, decorations, even fog machines and strobe lights. Many stores mark this stuff down right after Halloween, some on that night, and you can get anywhere from 25% to 75% off on things.
Don’t get things like makeup, it will go bad before you get to use it. Food items, like cake mix or cookie mix, frosting and edible decorations should have expiration dates on them so you can check those out to see if they’d last that long. A bargain isn’t a bargain if you end up throwing it away!


Halloween Idea 84 : Decorate your vechicle

People decorate their vehicles with American flags for July 4th, they write all over them for Homecoming, they put wreaths on the grill for Christmas so why not do some Halloween decorating, too? Decorate your vehicle for Halloween! Hang a wreath or decoration on the front grill, have a Halloween slogan license plate holder made, make an antenna ball out of a little pumpkin!
Just make sure that anything you add is in accordance with local law and also doesn’t block your vision. You can use some of those sticky reusable window decals of blood dripping or bloody hand prints on your inside windows. If you have a life sized skeleton, why not dress him up and put him in the passenger seat or back seat?  There’s a ton of little things that you can do to make your vehicle look like a rolling Halloween haunt!


Halloween Idea 85 : Use Fog Machine Safely

Using a fog machine indoors can be a bit tricky. Since the fog juice is usually glycerol based, it can make floors slippery, leave a film on everything and make it hard to breathe. If using a fog machine indoors make sure to have proper ventilation. Better still, look for a fog juice with a water base or use a few misting systems to make cauldrons or other displays that give the illusion of fog. More Fog FAQ’s here!
If you can have your Halloween party outside, it’s much better. You don’t have the worry of what the fog machines will do. You can use your garage or a back porch area to set up for a party and still give the feeling of being indoors. You still have three walls and a roof so if it rains or the weather is chilly, you can enjoy your Halloween party.


Halloween Idea 86 : old fashioned neighborhood Halloween block party

Get together with your neighbors and have an old fashioned neighborhood Halloween block party! If not that, try and get everyone on your street to decorate for Halloween and let the local news station and paper know about it! Promote Halloween, it’s the one truly fun night of the year! Click here for more ideas.
See if your local elementary or middle schools are interested in having a Halloween party with all proceeds going to a local charity. You can do a Halloween Carnival theme and have game booths, food and beverages, prizes for best costume, a mini haunted house suitable for all ages. There are all kinds of things that you can do for Halloween that make it not only fun but helpful for charities. We all know how bad the economy is, lots of groups need all the help they can get so why not lend a hand?


Halloween Idea 87 :

Let your children know not to cut through back alleys and fields when out trick or treating. Make sure they know to stay in populated places and don’t go off the beaten track. Tell them to stay in well lit areas and make sure they carry a flash light of some kind.
Go over a list of rules with your kids to let them know how to be safe, to look out for themselves when you aren’t with them and how to have common sense when it comes to making choices that could land them in trouble. While it’s okay to knock on the door, never go into a strangers house while trick-or-treating, give them a flashlight to use when walking in the dark so they don’t trip and fall. Don’t eat any candy until mom and dad have a chance to check it first. These are just a few things that will keep them safe.


Halloween Idea 88 : Its Danger

If you have a particularly gruesome yard haunt set up, make sure you have warning signs up so that those with a weak stomach can be forewarned. Also, consider setting up a less gruesome one for the younger kids to  enjoy! Some people, both adults and kids, are frightened more easily than others. You want them to have a good time at your home haunt, tell people about it and come back next year so make sure that it’s got something for everyone.
You can also have a schedule set up, between certain hours it’s a lighter scare, after a certain time it gets a bit more gory. How ever you want to do it, be sure to put up signs or fliers to let people know just what the acre factor is so you won’t spoil your night or theirs!


Halloween Idea 89 : Some sefty

Be sure that you set a time limit for your kids to be home by if they go trick or treating with a group or are at a party. Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time or to call home if there is a problem. Make sure that both you and them have a cell phone so you can keep in touch during the night. For more tips check here.
Kids are busy having fun and lose track of time or the fact that when they are late mom and dad worry about them. Be sure that they know how important it is to check in while they are away from home. Let them know that while they are out to have fun, there can be dangers if they don’t keep an eye open. Even though it sounds click, make sure that they know not to get into vehicles with people they don’t know.


Halloween Idea 90 : child’s costume a unique

If you and your child are going out trick or treating with a group, make your child’s costume a unique one so you can spot them easily in a crowded area. If there’s something eye catching about their costume or what they are carrying, you can find them easily in any crowd. Click here for some great costume ideas!
If you check out actual Halloween stores that have a huge selection of costumes you are more likely to find something unique than one picked up at your local mass market retailer, who usually get a small selection in. While you are looking, check out costumes for adults as well. You’ll need something to wear, too! Maybe pick out theme costumes for the whole family, like the Addams Family, and have everyone dress as a different character.


Halloween Idea 91 : Las Vegas, Nevada is a rockin’ Halloween town

Did you know that Las Vegas, Nevada is a rockin’ Halloween town? It makes a great vacation destination for Halloween! There are numerous companies that put up haunted houses. There’s the Halloween & Fetish Ball every year. Circus-Circus uses the rides dome and changes it to The Horror Dome with some world class gory haunts. For more info, check this out!
The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino has a long running show about Vampires that you really have to see! It’s an adults only kind of show and will put you in the mood for some heavy neck biting later on. If you live in the Las Vegas area, check out local Halloween stores for discount coupons, locations of haunts and more. Some locals set up some good yard haunts, too. Just check local news for locations.


Halloween Idea 92 : a mad scientist lab, a vampires tomb, a grave yard

Use your garage for setting up a small walk-through haunt. You can turn it into anything you want, a mad scientist lab, a vampires tomb, a grave yard. Click here and use the pattern for haunting your apartment or check out the other sections on throwing a party, using SFX and make it up as you go along.
If you clean out your garage you can have a large space to put up a haunt. Check this site out for ideas on how to haunt your yard which can be converted to any indoor space. IF you have a basement or a back porch or even your back yard, you can set up a nice haunt even if it’s not very large. It’s not the size, it’s the scare factor! Make use of what you have and let your imagination run wild!


Halloween Idea 93 : Create creepy autumn centerpieces by filling vases

Create creepy autumn centerpieces by filling vases or pumpkins that have been carved out and cleaned with dried flowers, brown leaves, and empty branches. You can also use silk flowers, seasonal picks and anything you can find at your local arts and crafts store or mass market retailers at this time of year.
If using a pumpkin, make sure that it is good and clean inside then coat with a light coat of petroleum jelly to seal in the moisture. Check the inside for mold often. A better way of doing this is to use a foam pumpkin and cut open the top. Sand the edge smooth and you can use it year after year.  They’ll be so pretty that you’ll want to give them away to friends but remember to keep one or two for yourself!


Halloween Idea 94 : Halloween Bank Account For Savings

Remember years ago when your bank would have Christmas Club accounts that you could open to save money for Christmas all year long? Well, why not open an account and do the same for Halloween? Open a Halloween savings account and every pay check, stick five or ten dollars in it. That way you’ll have lots of cash to spend on the latest cool Halloween items each year or be able to hit the after Halloween ales and pick up some real bargains.
There are all kinds of ways to put cash aside for Halloween all year long so you’ll have a special fund all ready to go when the Halloween stuff starts coming out! How many times have you seen something you wanted and just couldn’t afford it for Halloween? Well, this takes care of the problem. Even saving a couple hundred dollars will help!


Halloween Idea 95 : costume swapping party

Need a new costume for this year or just tired of wearing the same old thing? Why not invite all your friends and family over during the first week of October for a costume swapping party? Everyone brings all the old costumes that they can find and you can all look them over, try them one and maybe find something new to wear without having to buy a new costume this year!
Serve some treats or snacks, play some Halloween mood music and have some fun with both adults and kids while finding something new to wear for Halloween this year! With the economy as bad as it is, who can afford to buy a new Halloween costume? This takes the pressure off and gives you a chance to have an early Halloween party at the same time!

Halloween Idea 96 : Plan ahead of time to remove any valuables, breakables and things

If you are holding your party in your house, make sure that you move any breakable pieces of furniture or knick-knacks to another room where they can’t get broken. A forgotten heirloom vase that hits the floor could ruin the night for you!
Plan ahead of time to remove any valuables, breakables and things that you just don’t want touched. Stash them away in a bedroom where they won’t be found and forget about them for the night. No matter how good a friend is, there’s always a chance that something may come up missing as well. It’s happened to us before and it just ruins the night for you to know that someone close to you has sticky fingers. For more info on party safety, click here.


Halloween Idea 97 : Halloween Pizza

Treating your kids to a spooky Halloween dinner will make them less likely to eat the candy they collect before you have a chance to check it for them. Check here for some recipes for main dishes using pumpkins!
The Pumpkin Pizza, like the one on the right, is fast and easy to prepare. You could also make Sloppy Joes and dress them up with slices of green and red bell peppers to look like a spider, using them for the legs and other condiments to make a face. There are all kinds of simple, fast meals to make before the kids go out for candy to keep them from eating any until they can bring it home and you can take first pick, we mean, check it to make sure that everything is okay to eat!

Halloween Idea 98 : Hang long strands of white or black thread

Hang long strands of white or black thread on your porch to simulate spider webs. Make them long enough so that little kids will be able to feel them, too. Spray them with water to add an extra creepy factor. You can always buy a bag of black plastic spiders and tie one on to the end of each thread. This will help keep people from getting tangled on them.
Space them a few inches apart and attach to the ceiling with thumbtacks or clear push pins. The reason for white or black, it depends on how well lit your porch is. If it’s fairly dark, black thread will be hidden better. If you want to use white thread on a dark porch, you can also set up a small black light which will make the thread glow. Just make sure to mist them down once in a while because that wet feeling against your face is pretty creepy when you don’t notice where it’s coming from!

Halloween Idea 99 : Lighting Inside Jack-o-lanterns

If you are using a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns for your party or haunt, you might want to try a battery powered light source or light sticks to light them instead of candles.  This cuts down on the fire hazards, such as catching costumes or props on fire.
You can find them just about any place that Halloween items are sold and some of them look very realistic. They flicker just like a candle. Of course, it’s not the same glow that you get with a candle or the smell of pumpkin flesh burning that gives off such a wonderful smell so you should use candles in a couple of them, just make sure that they are out of everyone’s way. How ever you do it, just make sure that you carve a few beautiful Jack-O-Lantern’s to keep your home looking Like Halloween!


Halloween Idea 100 : Traditional Halloween Party with neighbors

Setup a table with treats, punch and goodies in your front yard if you live in a small neighborhood. Invite the children and their parents to stop by for refreshments, you’ll start a small party right in your front yard! Check out this site for party theme ideas. You’ll also find ideas for how t set a table, making lighted punch bowls and matching your decor and table wear.
It may start to become a Halloween tradition in your neighborhood! People will know that your house is the one to go to and start bringing friends along. In a couple years you’ll have to start setting out donation buckets just to put it on! Won’t it be great to know that you and your home are known as the Halloween house in the area to go to and have a good time?

Halloween Idea 101 : Reading Our Blogs

Sometimes searching through the internet for Halloween ideas can be a daunting task, there are so many sites out there. Check this link out for a large selection of high quality, very informative how-to articles on almost every Halloween subject!
You’ll find articles on decoration, parties, crafts, music, special effects, costuming and more. Check out the Article section for some good reading about Halloween origins, places to go, interviews, saving money for Halloween and more. Find Halloween reading ideas, recipes for traditional treats, just about anything Halloween. This site has been around for about 13 years and is up-dated all year every year so you’ll always find new articles there!


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