Apple Face ID Fails on iPhone X at First Trail

we all love products from apple and why don’t we? they’ve built in with committed hardware and software promises to gives us completely smooth and lag free experiences!

But some times error happens and it could have happened with an Apple too.

During the live telecast of testing the new apple iPhone X’s face ID, there was a lag or something that we couldn’t predict right now but definitely, its captured in the camera.

The passcode screen that Federighi got on that first iPhone X said “Your passcode is required to enable Face ID.” This is the same screen that would come up on existing iPhones after a device has been restarted — or simply after several hours have passed without authenticating through the lock screen. This is a security precaution introduced with Touch ID that will clearly carry onward with Face ID.

Here is the video.

Don’t worry it was just useless iPhone standing out there to show some attention 😛 face ID will work on iPhone X like the other demos that has been shown by Federighi.

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